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There is a good feeling for a person, like a person, and even love a person is very different!

There is a difference between like and love.

Love among many young people is nothing more than loneliness, hormonal stimulation, and even more just a possessive desire!

The reason is very simple, like is based on understanding, love is based on understanding on a deeper emotional dependence! When you talk about like, when you say love, please ask, what do you like about each other, do you know each other? Have you ever seen the real face of each other, he cried in front of you, laughed, broke down, exposed the most real side, if not, what qualifications do you have to talk about love? How can someone else cherish your emotions when he doesn’t know how to value them?

1.If she/he just has a good feeling for you;

You talk to him/her, he/she will treat you in a nice way and will be happy to talk to you. Chat, but also take the initiative to open the topic. However, this is just a good feeling, he/she just think you are a charming person, of course, just think you are attractive, did not rise to like. He/she doesn’t know you, how your childhood is, what kind of life you want to live in the future, how long you get along in time, and there’s no emotional dependence on it, leaving you, and his/her world is still turning, so he/she won’t be very active in talking to you, talking to you, playing with you.

It is worth mentioning that:

He/she may enter some private space with you, even if it’s sex with you, but after all, it’s not like, it’s not love, it’s just good feelings, he/she just doesn’t take sex seriously; Of course if you do the same, it is, you love me, love in bed, stranger under the bed.

This emotion is, just a shallow emotion, no dependent on the part.

He/she thought Tom was very nice today, so he/she tried to hook up, and the day after that he/she might have entered John’s arms; Another interesting phenomenon is that whether it’s Tom, or John, or you, he or she can fire at the same time, full-scale attack. 

But please don’t believe her/his nonsense, remember: he/she is just a hormonal impulse to you, or just to solve the physiological needs: like as love.There is a difference between like and love.

2. if he/she has a certain degree of emotional dependence on you, then the good will rise to like;

You know each other’s past, understand each other want the future, for each other’s work, career, friends and family, parent relationship has a certain understanding, at the same time you get along long enough, with a certain degree of emotional basis, that is, have a certain degree of emotional dependence. This time: When you talk to him/her, he/she will not only speak to you in a very good manner, but also talk to you regularly. Not only that, but in turn, he or she will often come to you to speak, unconsciously enter your space, give you social dynamics praise, if you are not in her world for a long time, he/she will unconsciously feel lost and upset. Of course, after a short period of time, she/he can recover. Without you, he/she may be a little lost, but his/her world is still turning, and in general, here are the following:

He/she will have some obedience to you, you ask her/he to buy you breakfast, you let him/her call you up in the morning.

You approach him/her, sit on the same sofa, or even kiss him/her, she will be shy, but more of that is enjoyment;

You have built up enough comfort, even if it is relative and speechless, there will not be too much embarrassment, more is to enjoy;

Because understand you, he/she intimate, he/she gentle, he/she will take care of your feelings, and even he will treat you as careful liver;

Send you a message, he/she will delete and change, be careful, look at your chat history, see more seriously than the exam;

If you chat with other heterosexuals and have fun, he/she will unconsciously be angry, he/she will ignore you unnecessonsaryly;

Compared to the good feeling, there is a dependent part, but still one-to-many, she /he can like you at the same time, can also like another person.

It’s a friendship, but it’s just a little bit of a couple’s intention. He has a certain degree of emotional attachment compared to good feelings

Lai, but he is not love after all, because love also contains a deeper emotional dependence, that pay more price, he also wants to be with you!

3.If he/she not only likes you, deeply, he/she has been in love with you;

You have enough understanding between each other in front of each other exposed the truest self, in front of each other crying, laughing, collapsed, but still feel together is a very beautiful thing, you can talk about love between you. But don’t look down on this true self, in fact, because we humans will habitually cover up their bad side, while showing their best side to the people around the reasons, in the first six months of love, to a certain extent, we still wear masks, that is, in the so-called image period, we cannot see very well what kind of person the other side is. Then when can you see it, that is when we take each other as people around, pillow people, the closest people, that is, even if a fart is lazy to avoid, we will slowly reveal the most true self, collapse pain helpless when what is it, proud of the shape of the time is how it is, the worst side is how it is. It’s another thing that’s been six months after the image period. Of course, there is no very obvious line between like and love, but it’s just that.

Compared with “like”, “love” is more than a dedication (big love), but also more low self-esteem. Because of this “big love”, so he/she, hope you become a better self, even if in the end you choose someone else, not him/herself; Because the position has changed, and because he/she craves a long-term future between you, love is more important than like it:

1, he/she will take care of you, she wants you to be better yourself;

She won’t allow you to indulge yourself in playing games in the dark, smoke and smoke in the clouds, and if necessary she’ll pull out your electric cords and hide your lighters and cigarette bags; she’ll make long-term plans for you, for you and him, won’t allow you to spend money, force yourself into saving habits; he won’t let you in and out of places with red and green lights, because he doesn’t want you to be healthy and beautiful forever. He cares about you, and sometimes even interferes with you,

2, he /she will love you, deeply love you;

He/she can’t see you stay up late; he can’t see you tired, he will force you to sleep, she likes perfume and bags, but she won’t spend money, she knows that every penny you have is full of sweat and not easy. Look at you happy, he/she will be happier than anyone else.

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