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Sex is a good thing, but some people say that people who have sex too often will live shorter and shorter lives, in fact, not, sex can extend life, can lower blood pressure, women can also reduce the risk of breast cancer, there are many benefits, I will take you to see the six benefits of daily sex.

1. Extended life

British scientists have shown that men who live one-off live a day live much longer than men who have sex once a month, but this is limited to men and women have no concrete results.

2. Physical and mental health

People who have sex once a day are less likely to have heart disease, while those who have sex once a month or who don’t have sex for a month are very likely to have heart disease.

3. Lower blood pressure

People who have sex frequently have lower blood pressure. Brady’s experiments also showed that people who had sex more often had lower blood pressure when faced with stress.

4. Reduce the risk of breast cancer

Women who have never had a normal sex life or have had less frequent sex are three times more likely to develop breast cancer than women who have had frequent sex, a French study has found.

5. Relieve the pain

Professor Wiepo and other researchers believe that more sex can reduce back pain and migraines

6. Shaping

Men and women who have sex more often are slimmer than those who don’t, according to a study of healthy German adults.

7, exercise

Sex is the equivalent of jogging. If you have sex more than three times a week, you can jog 75 kilometres in a year and burn 7,500 calories of heat. Regular sex can promote metabolism, some people say that sex is bed exercise, sex life because of unknowingly deepened breathing, thereby increasing the amount of oxygen obtained in cells, promoting the body’s organs and tissues function.

8, semen helps to remove vaginal germs

Experiments have shown that semen has an antibacterial substance – semen cytoprin, which can kill staphylococcus, streptococcus, pneumococcus and other pathogenic bacteria. Although the semen has the ingredients to kill pathogenic bacteria, can not be considered sick do not need to go to the hospital for treatment, after all, these bactericidal ingredients are very few, not enough to resist the body has been attacked by pathogenic bacteria, misunderstood as frequent sexual intercourse antibiotic use.

9, effectively reduce the occurrence of heart disease and myocardial infarction

Sex can make the pelvis, limbs, joints, muscles, spine more active, promote blood circulation, enhance heart function and lung capacity. People with a harmonious sex life have at least a 10 percent lower risk of heart disease than those who have a different sex life.

10, reduce the occurrence of skin diseases, promote beauty

Poor blood circulation in the skin can lead to acne, acne and other skin diseases. And moderate sex will speed up blood circulation, balance metabolism, so that the skin is smooth and delicate, and play a role in the prevention and treatment of skin diseases. It can be said that regular sex can make people look more beautiful, but the reverse is not necessarily true.

11. Protect the male prostate

Regular ejaculation in sexually mature men can help remove the build-up of prostate fluid in the prostate. Each ejaculation, 1/5 is sperm, 4/5 is semen, including a large number of prostate fluid, if there is no ejaculation for a long time, the prostate will accumulate old prostate fluid. However, it should be noted that sex life can not be excessive, because of frequent sex, so that the penis in a chronic congestive condition, resulting in large or swollen prostate, prone to chronic prostatitis.

12, relieve the pain

Sex (especially during orgasms) can reduce pain, joint pain, low back pain and headaches caused by trauma, and endorphins released during sexual excitement and orgasm呔 can improve the ability to tolerate pain.

13. Reduce stress and protect your mind from youth

In fact, when people are happy to have sex, both men and women are the most effective way to reduce mental stress. But overworked, work pressure, will not be in the mood to have sex, because it will also consume physical strength, so no energy in the case of not forced. Proper sex helps prevent brain ageing and boosts metabolism, delaying memory loss.

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