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I can understand that breaking up is a painful thing, especially between you and feelings, but the female thinking, for the break-up of this thing is always painful, this pain will be accompanied by a very eager to return to the other side of the intimate relationship mood, but this eager mood of behavior, are not conducive to your recovery. For example, what is the most common thing girls do after a breakup? Dead beat each other, and constantly send messages to each other, begging each other, do not return the message on the phone, through a variety of things to attract the attention of the other side. At this time girls will think of a question: is this person really no way to have it again?Why not getting back together after a break?

Don’t be too flustered, in fact, 95% of men break up the real reason is not because love disappeared, but because the other side felt that because of some obstacles and there is no way to continue with you if at this time you are struggling, try everything to still not save their boyfriend. Or he’s cold to you, doesn’t reply, doesn’t talk, you don’t know what you’re doing wrong, but you can’t do anything about how to save it.

For those who really want to getting back together after a break, it’s the stupidest thing to do. Because of your hesitation, will only let the best time to save quietly slipped away, so don’t let yourself leave a regret. Judging from his behavior, he still loves or not You must want to know if he still loves you. Many women because of the break-up directly think that the other side does not love themselves, in fact, not, there are many men will fake break up, even if he is very cold. So, let me analyze for you what your boyfriend’s performance shows that he still loves you. 

First, the mood is fierce, cold words after the break-up, you did not do anything excessive behavior, but he to your bad words, completely disregard your feelings, trample on your dignity, just to keep you away from him. This shows that he really does not love you, love a person even strangers, will not hurt each other like this. Therefore, in this case you should not be silly to ask him to come back, for their own a little self-esteem, learn to love themselves a little more.

Second, deliberately avoid breaking up, he will deliberately hide from you, to avoid meeting you, indicating that you still have a position in his psychology. He sees that you can’t do it without waves inside, and your emotions still fluctuate. However, you need to carefully distinguish, he does not want to be haunted by you to avoid you, or cannot calmly face you. If he really wants to cut ties with you and hide from you, then what you say in this situation is useless, he will certainly be defensive. At this time to save the words, you have to do some preparation, cannot be impatient, give each other an emotional calm period.

Third, the surface no reaction, but ignore you if you break up, he surfaces no reaction, all life as usual, but ignore you alone, then congratulations, your recovery has been a successful step forward. A man’s behavior is more like being sullen, “I’m fine, I’m fine, but I don’t want to react to you and let you see what I really think.” “It just shows that he still cares about you inside. Imagine if you really didn’t feel anything about a person, why would you deliberately ignore him? The special treatment of your behavior also proves that you are different. In this case, if you use the method well, so that he is no longer angry, unziw his knot, then it is easy to recover.

Four, more active life. If he’s not lost after a breakup, but is more emotional and active, there are two points:

1, he really put down, you can live in peace;

2, deliberate performance, trying to attract your attention, test your attitude. This proves that he still loves you, only because the emotional problems between you have not been resolved, so it is not as good as you. As long as you pay time and energy, it is generally recoverable.

Each other feel inappropriate to break up a lot of couples, but this is your life-long test, must go through the ordeal. So, if you’re still hesitant, not sure if the other person still loves you or not, you’re afraid to put yourself down and ask him to just insult yourself. Why don’t you look at what he really thinks by referring to the four points I said above? Men are very good at disguising, may have loved you into the bone, but show no care.

If you’ve made up your mind to save it, you can see what I’ve shared with you, how efficiently you can save your boyfriend and get him to come back to you.

 First, control their emotions you know that all break-ups are due to the existence of grievances, if the other side of your resistance is very high, then there is no way to effectively communicate with the other side. In fact, you can choose to step back, need to give each other space to calm down, but also try to control their emotions. This will both dilute his bad impression of you and send him a signal that you are calm and will not pester him.

 Let him put down the defense, more conducive to the later recovery. During this time, you’d better get out of the break-up state, take the initiative to go shopping, eat something delicious, or travel, cultivate a new hobby. Use these things to distract attention while calming your emotions.

Second, self-improvement, improve the mode of getting along most girls were broken up, no less than these reasons: emotional out of control, like a “time bomb”, so that men are afraid; A stable and harmonious relationship, get along is bound to be comfortable. He’ll leave you because you don’t deserve to be loved anymore. So to save, you need to change yourself and improve the way you get along. If you’re always insecure and like to stick to him, learn to give each other some private space, don’t get angry without seconds, and always want to know what he’s doing. If you always like to lose your temper, learn to control your emotions and communicate with each other as peacefully as possible. Self-change is an important step in the recovery process. It changes not only the appearance, but also your emotional security, communication methods, let you master the man’s heart, understand the husband and wife way of getting along, grasp the initiative of feelings.

Third, show change, secondary attraction If you do not know how to show their own changes, then you do a good job of self-improvement, it is no use! To convince the other person that you’ve changed isn’t to say it’s ok, it’s to ask you to really do something to prove it. Post your recent state through social dynamics, whether it’s shape or inside, and let him see and believe you’ve really changed. If you can chat from time to time two sentences, then you need to unknedly show their own changes, read the meaning of his words, let him marvel: “The original she will really change, now really different ah!” “The love you get by begging is unreliable, you have to learn to take the initiative to attack, the side guide the other side, let the other side to your emotions to reach a sufficient degree to take the initiative and you compound, such feelings are stable.” Guide time, there are some small hints on it, do not say, do not take the initiative to ask, the time has come, he will naturally not be able to put forward. It’s not easy for the world to meet someone who likes each other, don’t give up easily! If you really can’t bear it, let go and take the initiative to fight for your happiness.


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