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In order to allow the vast number of girls in the charm of this matter can be rapidly upgraded, Becky through a study of many sexual attractiveness research paper, from which to select three important elements of the growth of personality charm, to tell you how scientific and stable growth of your charm.


And attached 3 ordinary girls are able to operate flirting skills, the concept is clear and easy to get started, to help you increase the charm value, quickly look down


Three elements of sexual attraction growth: You have to like your body

Psychologists Amos and McCabe have compiled dozens of studies on sexual attractiveness, showing that body self-esteem and sexual self-esteem are key factors in sexual attractiveness.

What does “body self-esteem” mean?

Self-esteem is defined as “self-ability and self-love”, which we can understand as self-affirmation.

This is very understandable, the body is not sure, feel bad body, false, legs thick and convex belly, is unlikely to have confidence in their own body, no self-confidence, naturally difficult to have sexual charm.

But in our generation, growing up with little encouragement and praise, it is difficult for almost all women to appreciate themselves, to have a proper, but not too low evaluation of themselves.

And a high body self-esteem of women, regardless of her size, she can appreciate their small belly, small fat legs, accept their own stretch marks, fishtail tattoos.

Such a woman will of course have a high level of sexual confidence!


Three elements of sexual attraction growth: You have to be able to make your partner happy

Another level of sexual self-esteem refers to “a person’s ability as a sexual partner to bring happiness to the other person”.

Women are generally taught to:

Don’t over-express your needs, don’t be sexually experienced than men, and avoid being mistaken by another partner for you, so that the parenting environment creates a lot of low-sexual self-esteem women.

And a skilled, playful girl, it is easy to run the bed better, so that husband and boyfriend are satisfied.

This kind of sexually confident woman, of course, everywhere show sexual charm!


The three elements of sexual attraction growth: having fun in sex

In addition to the two points discussed in the paper, Becky believes that one more thing is important for women’s sexual attractiveness: “Women’s ability to have fun in sex. ”

Many women because they cannot get fun in sex, so even if the beginning is very enthusiastic, but then slowly lost desire, began to reject, numb, feelingless.

Will lead to such a result, or with “sex is not fun enough” related, a fun game, breaking the mark again difficult, there will be people try every way to find a way.

If you think it’s “right and fun” to slowly refresh your sexual awareness in the female community, you’ll start to have the courage and interest to solve the obstacles you’ve encountered in the past, and even start to feel fun.


Girls are able to operate 3 flirting techniques.

a. Increase visual stimulation with undressing:

Undressing is such an environment that it is absolutely not to be missed, and we all know that men are very easy to react to visual stimuli, so the step of undressing should be used well.

To take off your clothes well, remember the three key words “slow/wheezing/seeing”.

Slow refers to, undressing to be slow, for example, when unzip the buckle, cannot brush are unziped, to slow down the solution of one, two.

Wheezing means, to slow down a little rhythm, unzip the third, the hand can slow down, and then take a few breaths of long breath, let your chest up, and show your shoulders and neck.

Look means, continue to solve the fourth and fifth, you have to look at your clothes, especially the chest, and then look at his lower body, which will bring him reverie, as to what kind of reverie, how big his brain hole, there will be how much reverie.


Similar “slow/wheezing/seeing” can be applied at any time.

b. Increase the stimulation of the touch when undressing

You can also “slow/wheez/see” when undressing, but this time teach you another way to make men confused.

Remember that the two methods cannot go hand in hand, because it is easy to break the rhythm, and the other person cannot feel too much stimulation at the same time.

When taking off each other’s clothes, remember the two keywords “touch” and “warm”.

Touch means that you have to take off while deliberately touching the skin of the other person’s body, which will make his body more sensitive. The body’s sensitivity increases, and that feeling will of course increase greatly.

Warm means that when you undress each other, remember to “feel the temperature of the other person’s body with your hands and fingers”, and when you do this, you can easily receive each other’s desires, which can arouse your body.

No man can resist you because he has a desire for this picture.


C. Use smell and auditory stimulation in the process

Boys will react to the smell of incense, so girls can take a fragrant bath, and then lean on the past, hair, let the taste pass past.

Can also be timely near each other, gently in each other’s ears small blowing or small gasp, deliberately in some moments to make a mouthful or lick ice cream sound.

Or make a satisfying “Hmm” long sound, or make you feel hungry.

Don’t necessarily need more charm, that is, simple operation of vision, touch, smell and hearing, these combine to use together, there will be the same effect as the world network, the man to cover.

Sexual charm, every woman, no matter how old or what appearance conditions, will have your own pattern of sexual charm, just like playing music on the DJ stage:


Only often to operate, try, to find the right style for you.

If you can have fun in this process, self-confidence will become more and more powerful, you will be more and more attractive in front of men, but at that time, men’s eyes should not be on you, I guess you do not care.


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