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To make him love you more and more, here are a few basic things to do:

Coquettish in a sentence + appreciation + understanding + tacit understanding and trust

Sweet mouth, is the lubricant of intimate relationship!

James, an American psychologist, said, “The most fervent need in human nature is the desire to be affirmed. ” Affirmation and praise, which make the parties feel needed, are an effective way to gain a sense of value, satisfaction, belonging and identity.

First, why coquettish in a sentence, praise will enhance intimacy?

1. Gain self-esteem and affirmation

There are positive reviews.

You boast about your boyfriend, he’ll feel like you’re affirming him, respecting him, and he’ll be more motivated in this relationship.

boost and do as you expect. It’s a subtle force that can effectively play its active role and make the other half what you want it to be.

Value recognition, satisfaction needs from a psychological point of view, a person who wants to be praised is a performance that needs to be affirmed by value. The three feelings that sustain our lives are a sense of value, control, and presence. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, people have five levels of need, physiological needs, security needs, emotional needs, respect needs and self-fulfilling needs. When a person’s basic needs are realized, you will expect other needs to be met, and when you praise and affirm the other half, you will make the other person feel the need for respect and self-worth to be realized, thereby stimulating his boyfriend’s strength, and in order to maintain this continuity of psychological support, he will try to do well according to your ideas. 

2, euphemistic expression of blame

No one in the relationship is perfect, two people want to be a circle, need constantly run-in, tolerance and change.

For example: your lover is very bad, do not like to bathe, if you shout and scold him “you are a lazy pig, too dirty.” “Anyone who listens is very angry, perhaps also infuriated him even more unwashed.”

Tell him in another way, “Honey, you’ve always been a gentleman in my heart. ”

Express your request in a euphemistic way and let the other person take the initiative to be embarrassed with a compliment. Therefore, the highest level of emotional security is to see through, let the advice to say become love his good words, he must not refuse.

3, love often hangs on the mouth

Always say “I love you” woman’s heart must be very soft, to know “love you” but a person’s greatest affirmation and praise, because you are good so I love you, you deserve love so will be loved.

With boyfriend advice said: “Honey, you are late for today’s appointment, must be because the work is too busy, next time tell me in advance, who let me love you so much.”

All in all, I surveyed a lot of men who had almost zero resistance to “I love you”.

4, intimate physical contact

Many people say that two people together for a long time, good words are difficult to say easily, and then a little sentimental, that will not say can be acted on.

For example, hugging, kissing, holding hands and other body movements, whether it is a farewell hug before going out in the morning, or a good night kiss before bed, it is to give each other a “I cherish you, love you, affirm you” signal, is also an invisible praise.

Three things to note to all the women and girls:

1, is not flattering, is to appreciate, respect praise, praise the other half is to let the other side feel affirmed, respected, is to make your feelings more intimate, but not in a way to please each other, let oneself become humble, low each other first class. Remember, two people in love are equal, “kwa” is based on mutual appreciation.

 2, to have their own career and life’s focus, do not lose self-confidence.

3, do not blindly praise

Principled and bottom line damage, cannot be overly indulgent. Sweet-mouthed girl is lovely, so in love to take the initiative to learn some clever, intelligent practices, not only can let the other half of you die, but also let your feelings intimate, happy and sweet. Remember, because of love, will praise, because praise, will be more deeply loved. Know how to Coquetry, he will spoil you more:

Why do you have to ask the boys for help in what you can do? Consultation found that similar ideas of girls are very common, do not want to Coquetry, and even feel that in the boyfriend reluctantly petting is a very humiliating thing. In fact, this is a kind of thinking misunderstanding, because Coquetry is not the same as weak wind, but a feeling of small wisdom, can enhance intimacy, remind men of the natural desire to protect, so that the sexes have a good interaction. Which man doesn’t like cute girlfriends? Coquetry this thing is actually: outsiders will seem a little annoying or even annoying, but lovers will feel very sweet like.

Why does “Coquetry ” have an unexpected chemical effect in love?

 1, pity, causing men’s desire to protect the “outer cold internal heat” girl is not bad, but the appearance is too strong, easy to give men cannot access the impression, and your too independent will make men feel that you do not need me, nature cannot stimulate their desire to protect. Men have a desire to conquer, but also the pursuit of a sense of accomplishment, subconsciously, they want to be looked up to and appreciate by the other half, and will be Coquetry  women take the initiative to show their soft side, reduce the self-protection mechanism, let the other side feel that you need me, rely on me, so unconsciously want to take care of and care for her, and will produce a sense of well-being.

2, increase the interest, show female charm Some people describe, Coquetry is the sugar in coffee, can play the role of flavoring, life needs to be bitter fun, appropriate addition of some sugar will make life more and more taste.

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