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1, go to the cinema to see a movie: this may be most couples have done, watching movies is a couple must do.

2, wear couples dress shopping together: now there are many custom couples on the Internet, custom-made a set of lovers only belong to you, just like your love, unique;

3, go to a Disney amusement park: in the sea of joy to enjoy two days, nothing else, is to let her feel with you how happy;

4, go swimming together: when the relationship between couples has been relatively close, you can go swimming together, in the swimming pool, you can have more opportunities for close contact, will let your feelings go further;

5, sing a song together and recorded down: two people’s feelings, must have something to bear, in the future, these are the key to open your memories, two people record songs together, there will be a lot of interesting tidbits;

6, together in the kitchen to cook a meal: not only eat the beloved she made the meal is a kind of happiness, hand-made to you she made a table delicious, but also a very beautiful thing! Taste is not the most important, two people in the kitchen together to work together, but also wipe out a lot of sparks;

7. Have a candlelit dinner together: flickering candlelight, beautiful music, light red wine… That night, the air is filled with romantic elements;

8, birthday together: whether it is alone with her, or ask a friend to help you or her friends to accompany her, you have to do the whole process for her. This birthday, because of you and different from the past;

9, clean together: love couples together, do what is happy;

Together to make your cohabiting small home more tidy, both people have a full sense of accomplishment;

10, write to each other together, and then read to the other side to listen to: the Internet era, the letter became a scarce product, received your true feelings of a letter, but also listen to you word for word read to her, your intentions, she will be moved;

11, go to a haunted house together: two people together, in addition to doing some happy things, romantic things, but also do some exciting things together. Take your girlfriend to a haunted house, let her hold your hand tightly, feel the sense of security you bring her;

12, go bungee jumping together: feet tied to a rope, two people tightly together from a high jump, that kind of life and death dependent feeling, must be unforgettable.

13. Keep a pet together: feed a pet together, name it together, take care of it together, this pet, will link your feelings in series.

14, together to study the lipstip number: how can a man be so careful, so attentive, but also with his girlfriend to study the lipstip number, so intimate boyfriend, she will certainly like;

15, together to do pottery: this is a well-known film in the lens. Girls are eager for romantic love, can you give it to her?

16, exercise together: sweat together, let the young hormones in the air interwoven collision!

17, go to eat a family bucket: two people eat a bucket of the whole family bucket, think about it all feel good. However, two people together is to do something fun ah.

18, travel together: go to a strange place, see different scenery, meet different people and things, the state of mind is also different. Most of all, this place, the first time you must have taken her.

19, sit together a Ferris wheel: when the Ferris wheel turns to the highest, shout to her that you love her!

Count the times and feel the joy of the people around you

Happy mood, and you spent the year together, very good!

21, together with the video record life: love is a very time-consuming thing, but also a good thing to make time. Remember together

Record every minute and every second you’re together!

22, brush each other’s teeth together, and then kiss: every morning with you, are full of joy and sweetness, brush each other together

Teeth, the sweet taste of toothpaste, just like the taste of your love;

23, together to see the sea: the sea is a suitable place to fall in love, during the day together in the seaside to play with water, can be very happy;

24, each other’s clothes, take pictures: boys wear girls’ clothes do not look good I do not know, but girls wear boys’ clothes, sometimes especially good-looking.

25, go to the supermarket together to buy delicious: two people living together, very warm.

26, sitting together in a hot air balloon: sitting in a hot air balloon together to rise to the sky, and girlfriend overlooking the mountains and rivers and lakes, will certainly make her happy to cry.

27, read together, share their favorite books: let the spiritual world also interoperability, love will become more profound Oh.

28, together in the rainy day chasing drama: rainy day and chasing drama more match Oh. Two people lazy lying on the sofa eating snacks while watching the play, really comfortable.

29, make a cake dessert together: your girlfriend enjoys the process of making delicious food with her.


30, watch the sunset together: two people snuggled together, the aftermath of the sunset sprinkled on you, this is a very beautiful picture.

31, commute together, take the subway: if two people do not get off at the same station, a short parting, will also let you have a feeling of attachment.

32, draw together: you yearn for a better future life with a brush to draw it, and then paint colorful colors.

33, play a game console together: teach your girlfriend to play the game you are good at, and then you take her all the way through the upgrade, let your girlfriend worship you.

34, together with the couple’s cell phone case: as soon as you pick up the phone to think of you, couples must have some only belong to you two people common objects.

35, go to an underwater world together: watching all kinds of colorful, different shapes of fish swimming around your head, girlfriends will be as excited as children.

36, get drunk together once: in front of the most loved people, put down all the restraints, unbridled drunk, and then sleep together, or with wine to help, two people can enjoy flying.

37, playing poker together: find some suitable for couples two people to play poker games, lose and then set some fun punishment, and

You are always so funny together, never feel monotonous, boring, boring, or boring.

38, repair electrical appliances together: perhaps a half-day will be more than a lot of small parts, but girlfriend is like such a hands-on boyfriend. Girlfriends look at you seriously, love for you has long been overflowing.

39, watch fireworks together: fireworks are easy to die, let us know how to cherish each other.

40, together to celebrate the anniversary of love: life should have a sense of ceremony.

41, watch the snow together, make snowman ☃

42, listen to music together, listen to the same song: Is there such a song, will you suddenly think of me? Whenever the melody rings, it reminds you of many memories.

43, take a cruise together: eat in the restaurant, watch the sea from the balcony, listen to music in the bar… In this floating sea city, two people get along with each other without any interruption.

44, camping together, live in a tent: look up, you can see the stars like diamonds covered the night sky, shining. In the ear, you can hear the unknown insects singing in the shallow, the sound into the ear. You and she, hugging and sitting, heart connected, love long. Be sure to find the opportunity to go camping with your favorite her, get close to nature and relax.

45, stay together in a five-star hotel: in a five-star hotel, through floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the city’s night view, two people drink together, kiss, do some love to do, feel different.

46, go to the wish pool to make a wish: don’t think girlfriend is very childish, because love you, so she will think in the wish pool to make a wish with you.

47, at least once self-driving tour: walk all the way to stop, free.

48, to prepare gifts for each other: from time to time to give each other gifts, so that love remains fresh. Sneak in and surprise each other by buying things she likes and can’t bear.

49, go to the primary school, middle school, college you went to: tell her the story of your childhood. Love a person, not only let her integrate into your present, but also share your past with her, let her participate in your future, perhaps, this is the so-called “life has you”!

50, sleep together a lazy sleep, rely on a bed: two people together to be comfortable, if two people can rely on the bed for a day, then you must still be in a period of love.

51. Watch a horror movie together in the middle of the night: the heart beats faster, your hands sweat, your girlfriend is scared to drill straight into your arms, and the atmosphere created by the thriller may make you a little scared, but your desire to protect your girlfriend has outweighed your fear.

52, watching a game together: to introduce the player’s information and the rules of the game to the girlfriend, the girlfriend seems to understand the look is very cute, she suddenly found that watching the game is also very interesting.

53, go together to pick a bunch of flowers: accompany your girlfriend to do something she likes to do.

54. Go and witness someone else’s wedding together: and look forward to your wedding.

55, together for each other massage once: although the technique is not professional, but full of love and love.

56, spit together once each other’s shortcomings ♂: two people get along, communication is really important. Put the backlog in the heart of the unhappy one-time to say it, but said good not to say it on the quarrel Oh.

57. When a stranger is a day, don’t communicate: You’ll find that it’s hard and fun for two people to stay together all day without talking.


58. Save money together: Two people each took some of the money out to plan how to use it, and began to try to live together with salt sauce vinegar.

59. To see parents together: played crazy together, had fun together, had a romantic relationship together, experienced together, it is time to meet both parents, talk about marriage.

60. Pick the ring together, choose the wedding dress: plan your romantic wedding, let friends and family witness this happy lover from then on married.

By the way, these 60 things, some of which you have done, tick the back, and what you want to do but don’t do, and your beloved one thing to complete. Of course, if there are other things I didn’t expect but at the same time especially suitable for couples to do, you can also leave a message in the comments area!

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