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Recently, many female friends have asked me how we feel about the high tide of women. Do we know what the high tide of men is like? Today, let’s talk about the performance of male friends’ sexual satisfaction?

1、 A long sigh

He is an impatient man, like to express, after the climax, he needs to express, although not pride, he thinks it will be more enjoyable. This kind of man is more outgoing and straightforward. For him, high tide is also a kind of expression of life. He doesn’t hide his happiness and regret at that moment, so a complicated long sigh paints a happy exclamation mark for his climax! He likes to drive straight in, complete in one go, and have a happy feeling. In his life, he pays attention to efficiency, does not procrastinate, and is more sincere.

Hope partner: shout with him, he likes your happy echo, in fact, is also the best encouragement to him. 

2、 Shy type

He felt a trace of regret and shame for his just “ferocious” or lingering, wild or numb sex. He was sultry, usually decent and regular. However, when he made love, he suddenly became angry, impulsive, or unbelievably rude. Therefore, when he regained his upper body consciousness after the high tide, he was a little awakened and embarrassed. At this time, he is easy to tease, but also lovely.

Hope partner: hold him, don’t say anything; or you are shyer than him. Don’t be noisy, garrulous and talkative.

3、 Contented type

Her cheeks were flushed and her breath was gentle. She either closed her eyes or held her tightly. Her aftertaste was full of happiness, and even some of her vanity and intoxication. Such a man may not be good at words, but he has a full heart and likes to enjoy life, women and love. He is the most down-to-earth walker, saving, not wasteful, but can be romantic to the bone. He is a man who cares for his family, understands the happiness philosophy of “love me all” and enjoys it most.

Hope partner: give him a warm feeling, be virtuous and gentle.

4、There is still energy

He must be energetic and ambitious. Such man sunshine, dare, will call a bed. Life is an open-minded and enthusiastic person, willing to help others, make friends, generous, forthright. More masculine, strong in bed. He might suggest more in the bathtub, and he would make it hard for women to refuse.

5、 Naughty type

Some of them are childish. He will do some joking actions to continue the atmosphere, such as tickling, such as coquetry: “baby, help me pinch my back.” Or you can’t play dead in her arms. This kind of man is more readable, some valuable naive, but also easy to become frivolous, in life, the anti temptation is slightly poor. He may like brother-in-law love, and sometimes hope that his wife will serve him, but in making love, this kind of man is easy to “laugh”.

Hope partner: when making love, always keep “young”, your passion is his best incentive. Don’t be conservative. Play with him and give yourself a holiday.

6、 Self-mocking

“Or” how can I be happy so soon? “He said Or he humorously said, “please forgive me if the reception is not good!” but he usually does not ask old questions such as “are you comfortable”, “are you cool”, “am I good” He might sit up, light a cigarette and say to himself, “can’t men help it?” Or he would ask, “baby, how can I kiss and thirst?” In a word, this kind of man is poor, has the language talent, likes to use the cold joke to appease the agitation woman’s heart.

Hope partner: use body feedback his speech, also can send a sweet response. Avoid ridicule, learn to support him with a sweet smile. The above is the general performance classification of roommates. Which type of men do you belong to? If you cooperate, it can not only improve the quality of roommates but also help the relationship between husband and wife!

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