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A fan backstage recently said: ‘Every time he’s fast, I’m too hard to orgasm. I’ve done it about ten times and I’ve been able to reach orgasm twice, and I’ve only happened to hit it… Is her case an example? Not. About 90 percent of women don’t achieve orgasm or sexual pleasure during sex, according to a study in the History of Sexual Experience by Michel Folko of France. In one survey, 97 percent of the women involved admitted to pretending to orgasm. Most girls have similar problems, so I’d like to talk to you today about orgasm.

1. There is a difference between male and female orgasms Why are men more likely to have orgasms? This answer, from both physical and psychological aspects to say. Physiologically, the sensitive nerves on the head of a man’s penis are more sensitive than those in a woman’s vagina and are more likely to be stimulated to produce sensations. Therefore, men’s orgasms come quickly, violently, explosively, mostly in ejaculation, which is “local” comfort; Also, testosterone is a hormone that stimulates libido in both men and women, and men have 11 times higher levels of testosterone in their bodies. So boys, don’t think you’re orgasming orgasms, you’re completely different. Psychologically, boys are far more active and more accepting than girls in this regard. Generally, throughout the process, the rhythm is controlled by boys, girls are relatively passive. Some girls are bound by the concept, never recognized to accept their own sexual behaviour, completely only to cater to boys, it is difficult to feel the pleasure.

2. Other reasons for not orgasm in addition to their own physiological differences and some girls psychological discomfort, resulting in girls do not orgasm reasons for many aspects. Here are a few more common:

(1) Poor sex environment, poor sound insulation, resulting in nervous worry, distraction.

(2) No reliable contraception, because of fear of pregnancy and inhibit their sexual satisfaction.

(3) The woman masturbates excessively or the man has functional disorders such as impotence premature ejaculation.

(4) Lack of necessary communication.

(5) There is not enough foreplay.  

3. How to improve satisfaction in bed is a matter for two people, then satisfaction should also be available to both people. Collected small details to improve sexual satisfaction, hoping to be useful:

(1) Multiple stimuli. Men in the process of helping women to reach orgasm can give girls multiple stimuli, including the vagina, clitoris, breasts and so on, especially do not ignore the importance of the clitoris Oh, the clitoris sensitive nerves are much more than the vagina.

(2) Relax. By touching, complimenting, massage and other ways to help women as much as possible to relax, the female sexual intercourse process needs 15-40 minutes to reach orgasm, in the process, a relaxed and happy mood is very important. Of course, good food and good music during a date can help.

(3) Multiple orgasms. After the woman’s first orgasm, the man continues to kiss and caress, helping the woman to achieve continuous orgasm. Can temporarily do not stimulate the female genital area, especially let the clitoris temporarily “desensit” until the woman’s breathing rhythm slows down, and then began to gently stroke the stimulating clitoris. If the woman reacts positively, then the second orgasm will come to an end.

(4) Dare to communicate. Girls should communicate with boys more feelings, tell boys how the strength, frequency will feel more, good and effective communication is very important.

(5) Timely after-the-fact caressing. After the female orgasm, often also indulge in it, unlike the boys will immediately fade, timely caressing, for women will have a better experience, get enough security.

(6) Exercise the shame tail muscle. Shame muscle is a muscle group between the vagina and the anus, exercise shame tail muscle in addition to can improve the quality of sexual quality of life, hemorrhoids, female urethra sides exercise is also helpful. Specific practice method: control urination muscle is shame bone tail muscle, use tightening – relax – and then tighten – and then relax the order, step by step practice, time gradually increased.

(7) Reasonable sexual fantasies.

(8) Change posture appropriately. If the girls have similar problems with the readers mentioned at the beginning of the article, please be sure to communicate with your boyfriend promptly. Sex is not a shame, and people you like to explore more happiness, not to be shy. If he loves you, will certainly want you comfortable, will certainly be willing to cooperate and understand. If a vague pandering to cooperate, does not solve their own needs, the long-term development of a relationship is a hidden danger.

See this article, you can also try these methods, perhaps can make you happier ah. In short, I hope you can know that girls and boys due to physiological structure, hormone levels, psychological state and other reasons, compared to boys will indeed be more difficult to experience orgasm. Boys may need to be more patient and more energy. But if you really love her, it’s nothing, is it?

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