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Many women will feel this way, and their boyfriend’s love for a long time will feel less passionate than before, the passion of the two will slowly fade. This is reflected in the boyfriend’s sex life is not as enthusiastic as before, and may even doubt whether the boyfriend began to have sex cold. Men are in this state, you do not know whether he is sexually cold, or normal. However, it is easy to judge whether a man has sexual indifferently, so here are a few tricks to teach you to judge whether a man is sexually cold.

First, look at his desire for you, only after comparison can know the difference, before you only gently touch his skin, he can bring up a strong interest in you, and now how you seduce him he is indifferent, then there is a problem between him and you. A man is cold, then for any beautiful woman naked around him he can not mention desire, or even show a sense of burnout.

Second, the comparison of two people to have sex within fact a woman to judge whether their man is sexually cold, in the case of ensuring that he did not cheat, in the case of sex is the easiest to judge. For example, when you used to have sex together, you were passionate, but now you don’t have any passions, and you’re more perfunctory. In fact, men are lower body thinking animals, if a man is cold, then the secretion of male hormones will be reduced, in many cases is stored in his head, not put into action.

Third, observe the boyfriend’s mood changes on the weekday If a woman can not judge whether her man because of their own factors or because of an affair and sexual a cold, then you can observe his normal emotional state. If a man is cold, his mood is bound to be volatile, he secretes less male hormones, which can affect his entire nervous system. So his mood is changeable, for example, often motionless is tantrums, irritability, and lack of self-confidence. Just like a woman’s menopause, how much a woman cares about him and avoids him.

Fourth, men’s physiological judgment. To judge whether a man is sexually cold can be observed physiologically. For example, a cold-blooded man has little interest in sex, and even if you’re sexy, he can’t be interested in him or his cock. Some men even show interest in same-sex sex, and by that time, you’ll feel sad. In fact, we all know that sex is the most intuitive way to test the feelings of men and women, women’s intuition alone is difficult to judge whether a man is sexually cold, to all aspects of combined observation, if you find that your man is wrong, then you have to do a good job of prevention.

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