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First, the cultivation of one or two common hobby couples to each other differences is only a temporary attraction, to long-term stable development, we must have a common tacit understanding. Couples should have at least one common hobby so that even if they are bored in the process of falling in love, they can find some small pleasures from the common hobby. 

Second, do not have to report to the other side of the love period, no matter what to do want to share with the other side. But this way of reporting things will one day get bored because couples communicate too often, it is easy to lose the mystery. Lose the mystery and lose the attraction, the other person will think you are more boring.

Third, give each other space lovers love period is always glued together is understandable, because the love of both sides is very warm, bar not every day and each other together. But love is the need to breathe, if always pestering each other, more than a dozen calls a day, and even tracking each other, these behaviours will make the other side very disgusted, there is a feeling of disrespect.

Four, adhere to their own personality love is sometimes blind, it will let you gradually lose yourself. People in love see love as the whole of life, do everything around each other, gradually you will lose friends, lose interest, lose your own unique personality and charm. You are no longer as beautiful and moving as you used to be, and the other person will gradually lose interest in you.

Fifth, to create some small surprises to operate love is the need for a sense of ceremony, in some important festivals for each other to prepare some small gifts, can break the dullness and boredom of love Oh. You can even create exclusive festivals that break the cycle and make love more romantic.

Six, encounter contradictions when actively communicating couple quarrel is not terrible, the most terrible is not noisy nor noisy, in the heart alone suffocated. Couples have contradictions when the most taboo is the Cold War, what problems directly say, active communication to solve the problem.

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