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When we first get love, the heart is happy, is to feel that the other side of him/her is their own life can accompany the person, but over time, how many couples lost time. So we will say that love has a shelf life, in fact, not only love, marriage is also shelf life. Most couples after a few years of life, freshness after the past will slowly lose interest in both sides, as a result, many people usually quarrel, often quarrel is very sad, that show to more attractive to your boyfriend?

1. spiritual communication. Together with although you get along for a long time, you always feel very good about each other, but people’s ideas can sometimes be very wonderful, the same words, different moods, different people, understand the meaning is different. So every time, you can find a quiet environment, drink a cup of tea, come to spiritual communication, express their truest inner thoughts, remember not to have accusations, no matter what the other side said, even if you are unhappy, do not rebut here, just listen, after consideration, is not their own fault. Or the other side misunderstood. Reflection is the best way to solve the problem.

How to be more attractive to your boyfriend?

2. Learn to care for each other. In life we all know that women like to listen to sweet words, always feel that these words should be said by men, why he said, because he loves you, in fact, we women also need to often for men’s care. When he comes home from work, we may as well ask, today tired ah, a simple greeting, let him feel your warm presence, leaving him the impression that your heart is not only children and yourself. Of course, men are also, in your lover or girlfriend work back, you have to give you some care, perhaps simple words can make each other feel warm.

3. Want to make the praise not depreciate? Once a month. In fact, men sometimes like a child, the heart is in great need of your praise and praise. When he’s doing well, say aloud, “Husband, you’re great, that’s great”, and he can be happy in his heart for a long time. Or in front of friends and family praise him, such as “how my husband”, he is happier, but pay attention to the frequency, once a month, otherwise your praise can be devalued.

4. Do the housework together. Usually, at home, a lot of times is a person is doing, in fact, the two sides can work together is the ablest to improve the intimacy of two people, can clean up together, together with the control of your bedroom. Coordinate according to the style that both sides like. In this process, two people can be promoted to communicate and collaborate. It feels different to clean it up yourself. Learn new ways of sexual skills. Many people are in the same posture, the same process. Sex should be passionate and romantic, so in sex life to constantly change their ways, learn some new skills, so that the other person has a fresh feeling. Because of different moods, the effect of sex feelings is not the same. If you feel like your other half is starting to become numb and different from before, this time we should look for some reasons to improve, as the sex of a 30-year-old couple, and what is needed at this time is to change the way we want to improve the quality of sex. Here are a few fancy sex poses.

Romantic sex position: Enjoy my body

Let one of you be the main character and enjoy the night of being loved twice. Use massages, mouths, hands and toys to serve your partner and make sure there’s nothing in return tonight! Remember to prepare candles, lubricants and two toys, and send a photo to preview the protagonist’s upcoming feast. And if you are lucky enough to be the protagonist of this sex, please let yourself enjoy each other’s love, and do not think about changing roles, this is a good opportunity to practice relaxation and enjoyment! 

Romantic sex pose: Rock the couch together

In an extremely intimate and passionate position, this is a very comfortable position. Let him sit on the edge of the sofa, then sit face-to-face on his lap and put his legs on the cushion. Swinging slowly and gently in a hug while staring at him, believe me, the chemistry between you will come out like a love potion.

Romantic sex posture: enjoy a delicious meal

Think of yourself as a delicious candlelight dinner, then sit on the edge of the table, separate your legs, and pour chocolate syrup on your inner thighs; then lie back so that your partner can lick up all the way, remember to put some small things on your beans, and let him draw a circle with his tongue around. After this perfect gourmet journey, please exchange places, so that you can enjoy each other!

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