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You’re happy to have a great girlfriend, but you have some concerns about one thing: How do I provoke her libido? Now that she’s your girlfriend, it means she likes you very much. But does she have any sexual desire for you? How can you be good? In fact, as long as you both attract each other, you only need a few simple moves to increase libido hers. See below for details on how to do this.

First, create a sexy atmosphere

1.Praise her for telling her how beautiful she is. Praise her new hairstyle, new clothes. Bravely tell her you to think she’s sexy, she wears that dress with sexy legs, or you like her eye shadow. Praise her and make her feel special and sexy in your eyes. Make her think your attention is on her. Don’t overdo it. If the praise is too much, it may sound a little insane sincerity.

2.Take her out on a date Before you take her to your bedroom, take her out for a romantic, intimate date. Then it’s best not to go to places like zoos that have nothing to do with sexiness. Take her to a romantic candlelit dinner. Find a more private location. After dinner, go for a walk. Hold her hand tightly. Gently touch her hand with your hand, so that she feels a wonderful warmth. During the date, you can gently caress her knees, her shoulders, and occasionally give her a warm kiss so that she wants more. Don’t touch too often, want to indulge,increase libido hers.

3.Find a private environment If you want to provoke her libido, you must create a private sexy environment. If your appointment goes well, you should invite her to your place of stay. But before you invite her, you first have to make sure that the lights in your home are very elegant. Get ready in advance. The messy, smelly room would soon extinguish her desire. Play sexy background music. Play some R.B., jazz music. Turn down the volume. Let the music play naturally and blend in with the romantic atmosphere. The lights dim. Make sure your light is dark and soft. You can buy some candles if it’s safe. Women appear nervous and restrained in bright light and feel comfortable in dim light. The smell is fresh. Make sure your room is tidy. Open the window before the appointment and ventilate to avoid a bad smell in the room. You can order a fragrant or scented candle. Keep it clean. Make sure there are no dirty clothes, fast food boxes, etc. in the room. These things will make girls very disgusted.

4.Stock up on some sexy items When your girl comes to your place, you have to be ready to surprise her and continue to stir her up. You should stock up on several key items to prolong your happy hour and make your girlfriend want to be with you all night. Here are some things you can refer to wine or other drinks you like. If you’re old enough to drink, it’s best to prepare some red wine or some other drink she likes. If you come home from a dinner date, you’d better keep the romance going. Preparing beautiful shiny high-footed glasses will make red wine even more attractive. Snacks. That doesn’t mean you have to stock up on snacks to make her happy. Just prepare some chocolate bars, cheese, cookies, and some sexy fruits, like strawberries or raspberries. The bed is paved with clean sheets. Be sure to have clean sheets on your bed, which may increase the likelihood. But if your bed is in a mess, your girlfriend won’t be able to get close to your bed at all.

5.Make your girlfriend feel comfortable When your girlfriend comes to your room, you should make her feel comfortable and comfortable. To do this, you have to be a true gentleman: take the initiative to hang her coat in the wardrobe. Get her slippers ready. Ask her if she wants some red wine. Don’t force her to drink. But if she wants to, pour her a drink. Tell her you had a good night with her. You can complement the delicious dinner by the way, and the stars you see on the walk are beautiful. Let her find a comfortable place to sit down. You can sit side by side on the sofa. If she’s standing all the time, it means she wants to keep her distance from you, or she feels very restrained.

Second, do foreplay.

1. Start with gentle caressing When you are comfortably snuggled up on your sofa or bedside and feel the time is right, you can start gently caressing her and making her feel like you want her. If you sit together, you want her to move around and let your legs touch each other. You put your arm around her and stroked her knee with your other hand. play with her hair. If she wears a necklace or earrings, you can play with her jewelry. Tell her you to like the jewelry she wears very much.

2. Kiss her If she doesn’t resist your caress, you can find a time to start kissing her. When she faces you, you look into her eyes, touch her lips gently, and then lean down to start a series of kisses. If you’ve got her excited, she’ll forget about your kiss. Don’t use your tongue at first. If your relationship hasn’t reached a certain level, it’s too sudden to start with a french tongue kiss. Gently wipe her lips, then slowly touch the tip of her tongue with the tip of her tongue. If she likes it, she can start kissing. stop from time to time. Don’t kiss continuously, stop after a minute and look her in the eye to make her want more. You can stroke her hair with your hands and stroke her body while kissing her. If you remove it from her lips and appear to kiss her neck, earlobes, or even shoulders, she’ll be eager to stop. 

3. Touch her further When you kiss to a certain extent, you can caress her more boldly. Move your hand up and down on her carcass, stroke her waist, her shoulders, and move to the inside of her thighs and the pussy. But make sure she’s willing to be touched like you. Every girl is different. When you learn more about your girlfriend and it’s more comfortable and natural for two people to be together, you’ll know better how to tease her. Maybe it’s the neck, or it’s touching her waist, or it’s some other way. Take off a few clothes and kiss to a certain extent and start taking off her clothes. How to take off her clothes: Should you take off your clothes or her first? It’s up to her. You can decide according to your situation at that time. Take off her coat. First, touch her breasts across the dress, and if she doesn’t resist, she’ll take off her coat. Take off your own coat. Don’t take it off, she’ll be scared. Take off her pants or skirt. Gently, be sure to stroke her panties. Once you take off her pants or skirt, ask her to help you take off your pants. If she wants to. Now that both of you are naked, you can move on to the next step: sex! But make sure she’s ready.

Hold her in the bedroom

1. Talk clearly before you plan to have sex with her. Although you would like to immediately push her down on the bed, you have to restrain them! Make sure she does want to have sex with you. You have to ask her clearly, “Would you like to?” Or” Baby, are you ready? “Ask her in a non-aggressive, soft, tender tone, look into her eyes, and wait patiently for her reply.

2.If she wants to, then you should tease her further. Men’s libido rises faster, but women do have a slow heat type. kissed all over her body. Kiss her neck, her shoulders, her pussy, her tummy, the inside of her thighs. Tell her how sexy she is! Praise her body when you are in love. Or like her caress. gently stroked her private parts. Take off her underwear and gently touch her privacy with one or two fingers (hands clean). waiting for her ready signal.

3. Make sure she feels comfortable during sex by trying to change her position, but not too often. The male upper position, and then the female upper position, if she prefers. Find sexy frequencies. If her reaction is softer, slow down. If her performance is strong, it’s faster. kissed her neck and ears from time to time. Don’t forget to caress and kiss her breasts. Don’t focus too much on your orgasm. Let her reach orgasm first, or at least try to get her to the point. If you only care about your comfort, she will lose interest in you.

4. Good start and end When you have sex with your girlfriend, or after a relationship, you should end up in a very passionate way so that she can want more. After sex or in warmth, take the time to hold her in her arms, lie in bed, and caress her body. Let her feel your gentleness and love. Tell her you to enjoy spending time with her. Stay sexy! There’s always the possibility of introthy and being provoked, so the next time you meet your girlfriend again, you have to show your best side, gently stroke her and let her know she’s very sexy. If you stick to it, she’ll soon be teased again. Before kissing her, look her in the eye. Stroke her fingers along her cheek. Lift her chin with her thumb and forefinger. Keep eye contact. While chatting with her, stroke her legs and the inside of her thighs. Many girls like it very much. Don’t forget to keep your breath fresh! Warn against putting pressure on her. So she’ll be angry or scared, not excited. When you stroke the inside of her thigh, slowly put your hand in to make sure she doesn’t resist. If she resists, she’d better let go. Every girl’s needs are different. It’s best to act on her reaction. Don’t move too fast.

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