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emotional Life Love Psychology

What should be done during the honeymoon?

What should be done between lovers during the period of hot love can further enhance your relationship.

emotional Life Love Psychology

The performance of male orgasm

Recently, many female friends have asked me how we feel about the high tide of women. Do we know what the high tide of men is like? Today, let’s talk …

emotional Life Love Psychology

How to be more attractive to your boyfriend?

When we first get love, the heart is happy, is to feel that the other side of him/her is their own life can accompany the person, but over time, how many couples lost time. So we will say that love has a shelf life, in fact, not only love, marriage is also shelf life. Most couples after a few years of life, freshness after the past will slowly lose interest in both sides, as a result, many people usually quarrel, often quarrel is very sad, that show to more attractive to your boyfriend?

emotional Life Love Psychology

The difference between Male and female orgasm

A fan backstage recently said: ‘Every time he’s fast, I’m too hard to orgasm. I’ve done it about ten times and I’ve been able to reach orgasm twice, and I’ve …

emotional Life Love Psychology

How to be mysterious in love?

Women want to find a man who treats themselves as first love, most men in the pursuit of women hormones are the most vigorous, once the relationship is determined will …

emotional Life Love Psychology

How to keep a relationship fresh?

First, the cultivation of one or two common hobby couples to each other differences is only a temporary attraction, to long-term stable development, we must have a common tacit understanding. …

emotional Life Love Psychology

13 Natural Ways to increase libido

You’re happy to have a great girlfriend, but you have some concerns about one thing: How do I provoke her libido? Now that she’s your girlfriend, it means she likes you very much. But does she have any sexual desire for you? How can you be good? In fact, as long as you both attract each other, you only need a few simple tricks to provoke her libido. See below for details on how to do this.