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The BBC documentary, which begins with an intriguing experiment, is intriguing. A man, one by one, asked the passing girl, “Would you like to sleep with me?” The girl’s answer was almost: No!!! But when a sexy cute girl asks a passing man the same question, the man’s mouth laughs. No doubt the answer: yes!!! The difference between men’s and women’s physiology and concept determines that they have different purposes and views on the matter of “break-up sex”. Women are mostly sexual because of love, while men can have sex because of sex. For men, being a potential sexual partner can give them the urge to have sex. But for a woman, a casual sexual activity is likely to put herself at unnecessary risk. So men for breaking up to have sex in this matter, generally will not produce the rejection of the psychology. A man’s possessive desire is inherently stronger than a woman’s. After a man breaks up, many times he still feels that his predecessor is his own woman, even if it is normal to go to bed. What’s more, the relationship has ended, and the post-breakup sexual experience is very attractive to men without responsibility. And the woman offered to break up and have sex: 

First, it is dominated by emotional factors. Hope that through physical attraction, once again retain each other;

Second, because women are born with a sense of fantasy. Even if the other person’s behaviour, has shown a hundred tired of their own, but still have the illusion, hope that through sexual behaviour to judge the former’s true attitude towards themselves. Watanabe said in “Men This thing” a point of view: when a woman does not allow you to touch her, this is the most direct embodiment of her do not love you, time up, feelings will gradually fade, life is difficult to make waves. Therefore, women will use this to judge whether men love themselves or not. But the results are often disappointing. “The two of us were still in bed yesterday, and he sent him a message today, but he said to keep his distance!” A man sleeps with a woman, not necessarily because of love, but more likely because a woman gives him a chance.

Are there any couples who have returned to good sex? Yes? Fake break-up couples, really can “break up after sex and good.” Oscar. Wilde said: Everything in life is about sex, except sex itself. Sex is about power. Civil affairs agencies a few years ago conducted a survey statistics, the main reason for divorce, as high as 70%, because of sexual disharmony. Sex is one of the manifestations of love in intimate relationships. Men use sex to conquer their wives, and women use sex to please their husbands. The most fundamental driving force is to stabilize the relationship through sex. America’s real-life documentary, The Week of Sexual Improvement Experiments, features a real couple. They have been married for 22 years and their patience and passion for each other have been polished. The program’s requirements are this: two people every day to talk to each other, in many behaviours to please each other. One rule that no matter what happens every day, you have to have sex with each other. During the show, they began to look forward to loving each other every night. After the seven-day experiment, their relationship changed magically. Each other become more honest, more and more from the heart to pamper each other, pay for each other. Sexual harmony resolved the husband and wife before all the contradictions. Sex is not a necessity of life, but sex is definitely a necessity of love. Mr. Zhou Guoping said in “I like life as it is”: “Sex is physical life, follow the principle of happiness.” Love is spiritual life, follow the ideal principle. Marriage is social life, following the principles of reality, which are three completely different things. The difficulty of marriage lies in how to unify the three in the same opposite sex, not to let the temptation and happiness that are used to paralysis, not to let trivial reality damage the passion and ideal of love. “Only incompetent marriage experts would say that sex is not important in a marriage.

Whether you can break up, with the other side again “in-depth communication”, the most important thing is your mentality. Can you accept all the possible outcomes after “breaking up and making love”? He may just want to satisfy his body’s desires; he may not be responsible for this accident; he may become too dead to get away with you; he may take the initiative to save you… Think through these questions before you make a decision. If a breakup is a reality, it’s better to maintain a sense of boundary in a good relationship. 

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