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How to identify a man, does he really love me or want to sleep with you? “What kind of man really loves you, not just your body?”

For a man, sex and love are very different. If he’s just interested in your body, it means he has sex with you, no love. What is a man’s love? It is he who is interested in both your body and your heart (spirit), that is, in your ‘person’, both sexual and spiritual, is true love. “

Usually, when a man achieves orgasm, he enters a platform period, or low tide period, at which point his libido with a woman is minimized or even cooled to zero. “If he doesn’t really love you and doesn’t have enough love for you, then he’ll lose interest in you, and he won’t communicate with you. On the contrary, if he really loves you as a ‘person’, he will be willing to communicate with you. ”

Does he really love me or want to sleep with you?

“If whether he wants to communicate with you after sex means that he loves you or not, then what he chats with you after sex means how much he loves you.” A man’s willingness to talk to this woman about these two aspects means that he loves you in his heart. One is the experience of sex, the other is the fragility of sex, which is about some of his own core, dare not face the problem. ”

1. After two people have sex, just for their own performance, do an in-depth exchange, a useful re-exchange and sharing, the purpose is, to sum up, better things, so that the next time they have sex, with better cooperation, to get an escalating sexual experience. For example, a man says to a woman, “You can shout louder next time”, “You can move forward a little bit when you’re just doing this action”, and a woman says to a man, “You can do it a little bit more hard next time.” It’s like two chess players, sharing lessons learned after a game, or two people dancing in friendship, summing up their problems after the dance, purely a business discussion. This kind of communication is very beneficial and is very helpful for getting a better sex experience, better meeting each other, and keeping the relationship fresh. However, not everyone can have such an exchange after sex. Friends with benefits have always been open-door for “friends with benefits”, this kind of re-disc and sharing, is easy to do because, in their place, sex and love are separate, two people have sex to get better sexual satisfaction. Couples and couples, often ashamed to speak out for couples, couples, because there is an emotional connection, but will be ashamed to express these, it is unlikely that such exchanges. Few wives can say things like “can you be more violent” and “you’re not gentle enough” to their husband, and few husbands will ask them to release themselves more in the crackling process, try all kinds of novelty, or even say dirty words, and so on. This shy expression, professional noun: a toxic sense of shame.

Second, the fragile sex after sex, is actually a very important moment to open their own, because, at that time, everyone is satisfied, very relaxed. In the state of mutual relaxation, if you can take advantage of the hot iron, to the other side to reveal their vulnerability, shortcomings, express their attachment to each other and needs, then the two sides can know each other more deeply, the feelings between the two people will quickly heat up.

1, Expose their own vulnerability and shortcomings, such as, a man to women frankly: “I am afraid you will say I am not good at technology” “I am afraid I can not meet you, think I am not a man”, generally few men will say so, but once he said so, it means that he began to release himself, began to examine some of his own weaknesses. At this point, if a woman listens to him and accepts his weaknesses, and even begins to encourage him, “Honey, I think you can be so honest about your weaknesses, you are already very manly”, “In my heart, you are the most man”, then some of his own vulnerability will be put down, and at the same time, he can have a corrective emotional experience. The so-called corrective emotional experience is the experience he needed most but never got. Once he has this corrective emotional experience, it changes his innate understanding of himself, and even his view of the world. Because in his previous consciousness, when he did not believe in vulnerability, there would be people who liked him and accepted him, and now his lover has proved that even if he is vulnerable, he can be loved. “The people I love the most can accept me, what am I afraid of?” In this way, his insecurities will be weakened, not as afraid as the original, but also more and more dare to face their own vulnerability and shortcomings. 

2, To express their sexual needs for men, more face is to accept their own vulnerability, and for women, the face is to liberate themselves, to face and pursue their own desires, dare to express their sexual needs. For example, when a woman bravely says, “I hope you’re doing a process that scolds me as a bitch, I’ll be happy”, “I hope you don’t always touch my sensitive parts directly, you can touch the side, I’m more comfortable” so that once the explicit sexual needs are expressed, she is completely released. This is the so-called “men can soft down, women can harden up” so that both sides will be released, two people in love will be franker, more pure two self, love each other, trust, dependence will be more. In short, clearly expressing his sexual needs means that he is released, he begins to face some of the problems about himself brought about by his native family and then begins to put down his past self. And this put down, will avoid the two sides in the event of a conflict, the responsibility to the other side, and thus avoid attacking the other side to alleviate the self-crisis, then the relationship between the sexes will naturally be more harmonious and sweet.

In real life, many feelings are sweet at first, but gradually will lose their freshness, sex life is becoming more and more boring. In fact, it is not that sex itself has lost its freshness, but that both men and women have not been truly satisfied and released for a long time, or even suppressed themselves for a long time. So, women put the past down and release themselves! By the way, if you can’t tell whether a man loves you or just wants to sleep in your body, don’t forget my words, remember to see if he’d like to talk to you like that after the crackling.

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