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It is difficult to maintain a relationship. Things don’t always get easy when you’re all fully engaged. Whether you’re in a bad mood one day or you’re starting to feel alienated from your other half, feeling neglected by your other half can put pressure on your relationship. But where’s the bottom line? How do you figure out if your feelings are really being ignored, or if your partner is getting attention in a new place? Signs that your spouse is attracted to another person are not always easy to see.

Frankly, it’s sometimes easier to ignore these signals entirely. However, to keep your relationship in a healthy state, sooner or later you will have to acknowledge these signs, and the sooner the better. Rather than flinch and indulge, it’s better to reflect. Keep an eye out for warning signs, but be gentle with your partner. There’s a subtle line between looking for signs of cheating and blaming your partner for what’s going on in your head. But making sure your partner doesn’t act on this attraction and creating an open space for conversation to talk about your relationship is important to keep your relationship moving forward. So, to avoid heartbreak, keep an eye out for these common signs that make your partner feel attractive to others.

1. They avoid contact with you.” The beginning of the end is usually triggered by the partner’s emotional withdrawal. It’s no coincidence that contact can help you and your other half develop a general understanding of each other and that he doesn’t answer your phone, or doesn’t want to be with you, indicates that he wants to cut ties, whether or not he’s aware of it.

2. They become mysterious. If your partner suddenly becomes sneaky while sending and receiving messages and answering phone calls, there’s probably a reason. You can talk to him and try to get him to speak out about any grievances he might have in his life. 

3. They compare you to another person When your other half starts comparing you to a new friend in his office, let this be a signal to remind you to figure out what’s going on. Often, your husband will start talking more and more about a woman, usually an office colleague. He’ll tell you that they had lunch, or met somewhere else, that her family went on vacation somewhere, that her children loved it, and that your husband thought you should go there for the next vacation. Because he didn’t have sex with her, he didn’t hide his relationship with her. Your husband may tell you directly about his potential lover and may even want you to see her.

4. They are beginning to become defensive. When a man becomes over-alert when asked about his whereabouts or behaviour, it’s a clear sign that something is wrong. If your partner answers your questions with more questions, it may be because he feels guilty about being attracted to others.

5. They put more effort into themselves. A new hairstyle? Dress more and more stylishly? What is causing him to care more and more about his image? Of course, it’s not a bad thing to care about your image, but figuring out why suddenly becoming so care about your image should be a top priority, so you can rule out any possible new attractions. You think, usually how to care what they are like, how do you say do not listen to people, suddenly become active, positive, it is clear that the alarm bell has sounded.

6. Most men who spend less and less time with you will start spending more time outside before cheating. This warning sign and the following signal not only indicate that your husband is having an affair, but also a precursor to his insecurity. 7. They’re starting to get into trouble with you whether it’s your cooking, your looks, your attitude, your partner’s starting to pick on everything about you – probably because they’ve found a new attraction. When you have a new toy you prefer, your old one becomes less attractive, doesn’t it? If you notice these signs in your marriage, don’t lose hope. It’s much easier to fix your marriage when an attraction is still just an attraction before things get out of hand.


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