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Couples first time having sex is very important for a woman, this not only represents her first time also represents her love for you, because the first time for girls pleasure is less, more is to leave pain and memories of the experience, so the first time still need to be prepared. Say today about the post-sex notes of couples first time having sex.

1. Psychologically – don’t go straight to the bathroom.

You may be trying to clean up, but in the other person’s eyes, you’re in a hurry to end the sex and not give the other person a chance to “do it again”, or you think the sex is “dirty” or even the body fluids left on you are not clean. This is more common in women. In fact, before and after sex to do a basic cleaning can be, the body has a “self-defense system”, will not because of the sex after a few minutes of tangle, it opened a convenient channel for bacteria.

Don’t fall asleep or go to bed separately at the right time.

One of the spouses may be used to the comfort of “exclusive” a bed and think that sleeping in this way will not be disturbed by the other. But after sex, you should “make an exception” to share a bed with your partner, or at least kiss and whisper on the same bed. Sleeping in a split bed can also make your partner mistakenly assume that all the enthusiasm before the other person is just “sex”.

Don’t worry about checking your phone or putting it to work immediately. This will make your partner think: you just passion, must also be absent-minded, so will be so quick to end the fight; Doing so can over time weaken your partner’s desire for sex and even question whether your relationships are worthy of external conditions such as work. 


Men can’t urinate right away. For women, urinating immediately is a simple and effective way to prevent urinary tract infections. Because a woman’s urethra is short and straight, the bacteria in the vulvert during sex may reverse and enter the urethra, causing urethritis, cystitis, etc. However, men should not rush to urinate after sex, otherwise it will cause damage to the prostate, because the male urethra is long and curved, urine through the resistance is large, long time.

Sex life has just ended, sponge body blood has not subsided, and urethra sphides and forced urinary muscle contraction has not been eliminated, which causes high urethra resistance, resulting in difficulty urinating, or even urine can not come out. At this time, such as eager to urinate, will increase the pressure in the urethra, with bacteria and metabolic waste urine counterflow will enter the prostate, long-term so, easy to lead to prostatitis.

Experts recommend that men should rest for 5 to 10 minutes after ejaculation and urinate after the congesity has disappeared. Can’t sleep right away In sex, the human body’s sensory nerves are in a state of high tension, the body’s various hormones, especially sex hormones secretion is strong. At this time, not only the two sexual organs are in a highly congested state, but also from the sexual excitement period to the orgasm period, many tissues of the body are also involved in this special physiological process, such as faster heartbeat, higher blood pressure, faster breathing, the whole body skin blood vessels dilation, sweating increase. Therefore, in this process, the body’s energy consumption increased significantly, metabolism increased.

The reason for fatigue after sex is mostly due to the control of the brain spinal cord excreted semen after ejaculation reflects the results of a while relaxation. Nerves are excited and tense during ejaculation, and the nerves and spinal cord reflexes relax after ejaculation. Young people are sensitive and active, so they recover quickly, and some even immediately. Older people, the nerve response is slow, recovery time is relatively long, if ejaculation immediately after falling asleep, causing fatigue reflexes continue to relax, fatigue will be difficult to disappear.

Not sleeping immediately after sex, getting up and continuing to do things in everyday life can make the reflex nerves that become dull due to sexual stimulation recover smoothly. If you sleep upside down immediately after the end, the dull effect of sleep, coupled with the dull effect of sexual stimulation, will cause fatigue to last until the next day, so that you have back pain.

The first time is often inexperienced, these need to pay attention to the situation, about the first need to pay attention to things, you can read the article I recommend below, so that your first time ready to fight.

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