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First, practical skills – teach you to win the return bed rate? What is the return to bed rate? Literally, it is the probability that you’ll have sex. It has a formula (you can quietly count it in your mind): back-to-bed rate of ∑ (number of times you have sex with the same person -1) ÷the total number of people who have had sex with yourself ×100% if you have calculated it. A perfect sex match is by no means a mechanical combination of two people’s orgasms. It is a multi-consumption cooperative male and female movement of brain, physical and mental strength.

How to know if he enjoys you in bed?

1, foreplay, longer than you think many women such as electric iron, electricity will not immediately heat up, but once the heat up, the residual heat is a long time can not be dissipated. Men such as electric lights, as soon as the light on, as soon as pull out, absolutely rapid. So, in the bed sports this matter, men always want to speed up the decision, women always want to slow down the way. How can the experience be good if the frequencies of men and women are out of step? A foreplay of walking your heart and your kidneys can bring you to your best. The fragrance of red wine, the light of the night, the candlelight of the lost, is standard for the moment of respite in the ear. If the standard is too late to prepare, you can also start your foreplay from the moment you enter the door. Embrace, put your hands in each other’s sensitive positions, gently stroke them, cross your fingers lightly, and evoke your body’s response. At the same time spit your hot breath in each other’s necks, behind your ears, until you feel each other’s bodies start to heat up, sweat slightly, and then push each other down. No matter how anxious your heart is, be sure to make the foreplay enough. You just have to remember a principle, from hugging to kissing, lips, ears, neck, chest, belly, round priorities blowing, up and down care, while asking for care feelings, while not hurriedly “torture”, until the other side “unbearable” from the body to the language, all kinds of express “hurry up”, you can start to feel cool. If you’ve been married for years, don’t hold the idea of “old man and wife anyway, just get together.” Occasionally go to the hotel to open a room experience under a different feeling, if the previous is five-star, this time you can try the property or love hotel fresh excitement. Can also be more detailed changes, such as a different flavor of aromatherapy, adjust the light of the room, choose from the wall or bath to start. Only you can get it, you can’t do it without you. Of course, in addition to skills and circumstances, understanding of both preferences and sensitive areas can also fall into the foreplay category. Is your sensitivity the whole chest or the delicate nipples? Do you like the posture of men and women, or will you refuse the back-entry style? The other side needs my hands to shake, or the tip of the tongue to lick quickly to rise? How do you know? Open your mouth and ask. You can ask before you snap. Of course, you can also play in the foreplay, while dialing, while asking the other side to do so good, he would like you to do? That’s why I asked you to play long enough. All purely for the purpose of insertion of sex is a hooligan, all to the satisfaction of both sides for the purpose, is a quality sex. Remember our goal: let each other out of our bed, but also miss want to climb up. 

How to know if he enjoys you in bed?

2, enough taste of dinner, fully satisfied with sexual fantasy. One girl said that fifty degrees of gray popular moment, SM looks mysterious and exciting, and her boyfriend to try. When the crackling, he beat my ass, dirty talk, million did not expect, carried to half I cried, really specially wronged cry … Who was young, without a little sexual fantasy, without a little fetish? Want to bring the experience of sexual fantasy to the extreme, of course, SM, role-playing. Everyone has some wild, wild, shy thoughts in their hearts. It’s just that there are different forms of expression, some people will like to lick each other’s sensitive parts with their tongues, some people will fantasize about doing it with their mothers, and some people will be particularly excited when they are humiliated. The essence of role-playing is that we enter a situation that is higher than life. If I look good but aspire to be a birchi, then role-playing is an opportunity for us to explore our own behavior. Don’t worry about each other will despise their own dark side, because there will be shadows in places of light, this is the complete life. With a little stimulation, pain, fear, and shame, you can be excited. Of course, you always have to remember: too shallow into the play without pleasure, into the play too deep will tear the face. Although the game is good, after all, is the game, or to clear the reality and illusory. In bed, you can be a “little bitch, little slut” and you can call Mom and Dad. Back to reality, you’re still a loving and respectful couple, it’s just a game of your life, the end of the game, business as usual. Communication to understand each other’s bottom line, set the “call to stop” keywords. Especially when playing SM, the passive side said “don’t say goodbye, I can’t stand it”, the active side may be the same as hearing “don’t don’t don’t”, think you mean to express “don’t, don’t stop”. So as not to tell each other whether you really can’t fake can’t, say the key words, the game ends immediately, protect each other to avoid physical and mental harm. In fact, sex fantasy in sex is the reality of what we want to do but dare not do the deformation of the presentation, which is a way to release the depressed self. It’s certainly safer to play roles in bed, attack and be attacked than to be self-risking in reality.

3, no play, how can it be a complete sex? What’s the play? It is estimated that 70 per cent of women have only heard the word, but have never tasted the sweetness of the play. Men orgasm come fast, go fast, women are slow heat type, slow to come, but also for a long time. When a sex is done, men are more likely to go into a weak state, very sleepy, just want to sleep. And the woman’s orgasm has just passed, the body and mind excitement has not subsided, then if you can get the husband’s caress, the psychology will get a warm buffer. Men can “go to bed”, “dry pull down”, but women are always, looking at the sleeping pillow people, the heart has a faint loss and emptiness, said not to be wronged, not warm, like extreme sexual cold. So to be a husband, in order to make her prefer to go to your bed, don’t ignore this “residual art” play.

After the end, you can shower together, in the steamy bathroom, two people can continue to appreciate each other’s bodies, caress each other, not only to ease fatigue, but also to continue the feeling of warmth. Can also hug and lie, when a woman crouched in a man’s arms, can continue to experience the satisfaction and joy brought by physical contact, men have the opportunity to continue to show the male strength of men, conducive to the further deepening of male and female feelings. Of course, it’s part of the play to re-set the perfections and insoluctions of the sex scene together. After a cloud and rain, both people are soft trance, many problems are easy to open their mouths. First praise, “You just showed too brave”, “You just called me crisp.” Then timely put forward some uncomfortable places, “I’m a little sensitive there, you’re a little bit exciting” “You caught me a little hard, and now it hurts a little bit.” Finally, the expectation is, “You can last a little longer,” and “You can call it a little longer.” All the topics that shame you can be raised at this time. Compared with the process of doing while asking the communication, the post-play part of the communication, more clear and clear, so that you have a better understanding of each other. When you do this communication, you will find that there is nothing between you that you can’t get to the table to talk about. Even if the other person’s sexual ability is insufficient, the skill is not good, you do not need to pretend orgasm to protect the other person’s self-esteem, you can know each other’s true feelings, you can also work together in the real situation to reach orgasm.

Second, what are the benefits of sex? Language and sex, which meet the psychological needs, are simply the greatest communication tools invented by the Creator, and sex is the most subtle thing in this great object. It not only soothes your body’s hunger and thirst, but also soothes your soul’s respite and meets your psychological needs. We like close contact, physical contact, spiritual contact, the body of our distance is up to -10cm, but the distance of the soul can be infinitely reduced, or even completely milky blend. When our physical communication reaches its climax, the soul reaches its climax. You feel more joy than ever before, more satisfaction than ever before. Even if the world disappears at this moment, it will not be at this moment. Rather, you’re gone by now, because the orgasm is you, and you’re the orgasm. Orgasms come down, and you feel like you’re back again. You look at the person around you, suddenly feel something called happiness, in the heart. “I love this guy and the most beautiful experience I’ve ever had with he.” “This guy likes me, and he has seen the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” “Life is like this, what’s your husband asking for?” To be liked and accepted, this desire that we have pursued all our lives, has come true in this trance. To be clear, sex is another way of communicating with humans, and like all forms of communication, it is used as a channel to meet each other’s needs. In this process, men, to show their masculinity, to obtain a sense of value of conquest. A woman, as if indated into an open shell, is pampered and touched. You know what I want, and I can give you what I want. When we can get the greatest psychological satisfaction from each other, we will feel one plus one more than two happiness, found that only the two of us are the best partner, once a change of person can not achieve such an effect. Healing psychological wounds

Well, finally, let’s talk about your biggest concern. What’s more shameful, if you happen to be a little embarrassed to talk about a hobby, what should you do? Bed is the second battlefield of life, men and women in this battlefield to conquer another person, show the life dare not present a side, only in the process of sex, we can take off wearing a lifetime of personality mask, happy to be themselves, debauched, ashamed, full of attack. And for the heavy taste of persistence and longing, often because there are some wounds in the hidden pain, when those from the past trauma has not been healed, not mourned, will be solidified to form a complex, complex day can not be resolved, you will always be left in that moment, repeated longing, repeated pursuit. I know a couple, like to play “dad and daughter” theme play, foreplay when the boyfriend needs to play “serious father”, the girl to die to live but how not to eat, in the middle of the time need girlfriend to play resistance to play poor, left a sentence “Dad don’t”, the right sentence “Dad I was wrong.” Although the plot is hot eyes, two people do not feel very difficult to open their mouths, but also can play a piece. Perhaps, for the girl, the past very eager to be close to her father, but by the mother jealous, there is always a desire and shame to be close to her father. Perhaps, for men, the heart hides the fear of the weak, as a child is always scolded useless one, only play a more powerful role, there is control and security. When the unseeded needs of the past can be reproduced in the current sexual process in the form of sexual fantasies, wounds that have not been healed in the past will have the opportunity to be seen again and given new meaning. What you think is overwhelming, and it’s just that you’ve never been satisfied, desperately trying to find another way out, so it’s so distorted to appear in front of you. At this point, you can put down your sense of shame, talk to the other person about something that shames you, try to accept it, allow it, it may not be so bad. Only in this way can you get rid of shame and enjoy real happiness. No one wants to make an unhappy love, and no one wants to go back to their orgasm bed. The point is, you need to know what to do to be better and how to enjoy pure happiness.


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