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Whether she or he likes you or the persistence of love is determined by your own nine attractive traits, not by the external phenomena that people see.

1. Adventurous and a little aggressive (for men and women)

Women are attracted to men who like to do extreme, risky, unusual and even dangerous things. Because these things are exciting. Adventurous spirit makes men sexier. About aggression. Women like men who know what they have to do and have the courage to pursue it. Passion is a sign of love for life. The aggression I’m talking about is not the aggression that turns dating into rape, but the aggression that can set a goal for yourself and pursue it passionately to achieve it. My research also found that some aggressive women quickly lock in a relationship with a male god in the development of an ideal goal.

2. Confident, a complacissive sense of humour (for men and women)

Women are attracted to men who are a little addressed. But there can only be a little ace. This doesn’t seem to be a good explanation. A lot of people don’t understand what I’m saying about “a little arrogation” and misrepresentation as arrogation, and a low level of self-righteousness, if you understand it so badly. That goes against my meaning. If you’ve seen Pierce Brosnan in The Thomas Crown Affair, Clarke Gable in Gone With The Wind, and Tom Cruise in Top Gun, you’ll know. This self-confidence/a complace is manifested in a little conceit plus a sense of humour. It makes women crazy. It will make men just respect. 

3. Rich knowledge and experience (for men and women)

If you have a lot of knowledge about what a woman is interested in, it will greatly increase your attractiveness. You need to show women with an “I know a lot about it, let me tell you slowly” attitude, rather than from the “I know a lot, and you don’t know anything” perspective. If your life experience is rich, make her feel interesting, interesting, meaningful, moving, inspiring are good experiences, which will attract women and make them see you differently from other men.

4. Attention (for men and women)

A woman’s bottom of her heart likes to get the attention of others, that is, the feeling of being noticed. Interestingly, women prefer to be publicly expressed about this high-profile feeling, rather than in any way suggesting it. If you say, “I thought of you today, I think I like your voice very much, and I want to hear:…”, it’s much more effective than expressing concern for a woman by listening to her nagging and re-reading machine-style greetings.

5. No kneeling, calmness, and challenges

Most high-quality women are used to being pursued by men in a variety of ways. Conversely, if you’re calm about a woman, say, when you call her and just let her think you’re idle, or show no interest in her developing a relationship, they’ll try to get your attention. This opposite approach to most people is very effective in exceptional circumstances. And it’s fascinating to women, even if they don’t want to admit it, but a seemingly calm man does make them more interested in exploring. Some women with better-combined values will also give you a lot of tests to test whether your mind is strong or not, which is how they value you. You need to be in a good frame of mind to meet the challenge, be her knight.

6. Sexual attraction (the inner universe of natural attraction, suitable for men and women)

This is difficult to describe in words, if reluctantly described is also very brain-burning. Because the attraction of inner energy belongs to the highest level of charm. This is recognized in a way that goes beyond most people’s three-dimensional conceptual cognitive systems. But I recommend you watch some movies. James Bond’s 007 film series, for example, will understand the meaning of charm. You can also look at Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and pay attention to Michael Caine’s character. The natural attraction of the heart charm is very obvious because the heart charm is to give a woman a feeling of Prince Charming.

7. Romantic imagination and action (for men and women)

See how Don Juan in the movie Don Juan DeMarco describes the world. He saw a woman’s heart, looking for her beauty, not on the surface. Romantic imagination can have poetic words, interesting stories, fascinating histories, and emotional descriptions of all kinds of things.

8. Body and body language (for men and women)

This is important because they are always sending signals in conversations with women. You need to accept it and respond in some way. I’ll talk about this in more detail later.

9. Sexuality and ability (for men and women)

Like men, women like sex. Just like other things in life, a good lover is not easy to find. Women like skilled lovers as much as they are addicted because they know how to make women feel great and can give them incredible feelings. But every woman is somewhat different. No combination of personality traits gives every woman a 100% positive response. So if the personality combination you choose doesn’t work in front of one woman, don’t abandon your personality and turn to another woman. That sister-in-law will tell you that they succeed because they keep trying, and they can accept rejection and disagree. On the contrary, those who are unsuccessful see a refusal as a major blow to their lives. Don’t make the same mistake. So from now on.

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