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Desire requires freedom of time and spirit. Everyone who has been in love knows that planning for time in a two-person world is a priority. One night a week, one weekend a month, one week off, away from the hustle and thrifty, to fully enjoy the world of two-person hot nasty sex, is essential for many people.   

 A Danish sex scholar who compares women’s sexual needs to men has the following sentiment: “Women are not as passionate as men.” Women are not as interested in sex as men, and there are very few women who care about sex as much as men. “Combined with his opinion, it can be seen that the average woman is not as interested in sex as the average man. Although, women are not as interested as men, but sex is the most primitive desire, no one can resist the body’s hunger and thirst. It is often said that the body is the most sincere and honest person. We can say right and wrong, but we can’t stop the body from expressing the truest ideas. And in sex, the body is also the most able to express satisfaction. Through sex techniques, or flirtation, no one can resist a long, orgasm-like hot nasty sex.  

Women also need sex, but not as immediately as men. To promote the slow-moving woman into the situation, it is really necessary to prepare in advance. And this pre-preparation work is called “foreplay”. 

1. Sexy belt assault. Sex is the most taboo unchanged, the biggest curse of the day tired is not to seek a breakthrough. “Skin is the body’s largest sexual organs”, sexy belt varies from person to person, targeted parts of the start are fast and accurate, but unexpected touch often will have amazing stimulation feeling. Don’t let her touch your tricks and unseeded steal her sexy belt.

2. Body massage. If sex is seen as a card game, it’s important to master the “sex ace”. During sex, no matter how unconvinced you are of your overall strength, you can win absolutely if you have a “sex ace”. The so-called “six aces” is not complicated, a sexy body massage, slowly from the neck to the back kiss each other is enough. A timid touch can only send the message that you are not confident enough. Women like men who have control in bed. Whether you have control or not, at least your movements must be confident. Give her caress should be a quick and slow combination, light and different, hand movements do not stop. A woman’s love of body touching is a sign of “not enough love” for her.

3. The kiss is tangled. Kissing is the best sex law to promote lust. Want to have a higher quality and exciting sex, a kiss is a key to her desire to die, can be called foreplay heavy gun, through kissing to convey passion, let a woman feel the strong feelings of men. Even if there is no intersecting action, you can live from each other’s kisses.

4. Caressing skills. Is a visual animal, visual stimulation is easy to arouse male desire. Women are different and more sensitive to touch. So women’s skin is also sensitive. Based on this difference between men and women, men can work touch. To know how to caress each other, the best way is from far and near, from the outside to the core, and finally to the sensitive area. Also, the man can do a full body massage for the woman, there is such stimulation, the woman will be physically and psychologically ready.

5. Men flirt with more language. Flirting behaves differently between men and women. Studies have shown that men are better at using language when flirting and want to be more explicitly dominant in their relationships. They most often laugh out loud and attract women’s attention by boasting about their power, social status, and economic power. Also, when men express good feelings for women, they often express them through body language. In psychological body language statistics, we often find that men who often open their palms in the conversation for women to see tend to have an affection for each other; When walking side by side, if a man always unconsciously goes around to the right of a woman, it means that he has a very strong sense of protection and control over the other side; Between husband and wife, men prefer to express their feelings with slight physical contact such as hugs and kisses.

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