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Girlfriend split is very ashamed of a man, but a lot of facts need to face, only their own very good, girlfriend will not cheat, let’s look at ——Is my girlfriend cheating on mon a few performances:

1, suddenly do not let sleep. Even let sleep, but also a cold look and the previous harmonious and happy sex is gone forever, before the dry wood fire, into the present perfunctory, so that you can not mention the interest, and even more do not let you touch.

2, the changes that have nothing to do with you before professional wind wear business clothes, now lovely lace skirts are turned out;

3, no longer before the anniversary of your wedding anniversary, always ask you how to arrange that day; Before you come home late she always cares over and over again, now ask do not ask; 

4. Don’t bother to work with you. When you finally took time out to accompany her to Disney, she began to get away with something; she had been pestering you to ski, and now she never mentioned it; the movie she wanted to see didn’t go with you; after all, the same project went with another person, and then repeated it, of course, without interest!

5, activities become frequent. Before the weekend is either home to watch the play or read a book, now the weekend early goes out, the evening in your repeated urging to go home, before the work early home, now under the guise of friends frequent activities.

Is my girlfriend cheating on me?

6, consumption began to increase interest did not add, friends and family did not increase the case, spending suddenly become bigger! It’s okay to spend on yourself, the point is that you don’t see any change in her, and this time it means that a third party has appeared.

7, suddenly and you very polite before travelling with souvenirs, holiday flowers, accept is always very calm, sometimes also hate your taste is not good, now suddenly very polite, began to say thank you;

8. Your relationship will get worse. When a woman cheats, there will be a lot of contradictions with her boyfriend, because of some small things, friction, temper will also be because cheating becomes very big, you start to picky, women have extramarital affairs, the men at home began to look at all kinds of bad eyes. The reason is that your girlfriend’s heart is no longer here with you.

9. Care about your whereabouts.

A woman’s cheating may also be a sudden concern for your whereabouts and activities, perhaps you think she cares about you, worried about you on the outside, but it is possible that she is to arrange a meeting with her lover to master your schedule, so if you have doubts can try to go home at her unexpected time or find her.

When your girlfriend starts to change a little bit, it’s time for you to be vigilant!

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