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There are thousands of emotional pain, the most painful kind of loss. Many friends are often unknowingly lost a relationship, wait until god back, there is no chance. Today’s article is to let you avoid this pain and grasp true happiness. Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of cases, and I’ve personally followed a lot of cases, and I’ve got a very important core technical point: fake breakups and real breakups.

Fake break-ups, as girls often say, are all about being retained. In fact, they do this, is to use the break-up method to attract your attention, popularly enough, is to scare you. If at this point you think she’s really breaking up, giving up or looking for someone else or something like that, it’s going to be a big mistake. Originally in love with people, the further away, in the end, we have no chance to go back. True break-up, is that she has been desperate for you, want to get out of this relationship as soon as possible, live a new life. Many brothers at this time, out of the pain and fear of losing this relationship, all kinds of the dead beat, but by the other side black, no longer care. Although this kind of true break-up is very difficult to recover, it is because you have taken the wrong way of chasing, dead and beaten, only then led to the possible recovery of that little hope has also been dashed.

So how do you identify a fake breakup and a real breakup? 

There are several main areas:

1. Communication, Generally speaking, if the false break-up, the other party will not black you, she will also answer your phone. You don’t care how bad the other person’s attitude is, as long as she still cares about you, answer your phone back to your text message, then she is still communicating with you. True break-up, is the phone does not answer text messages do not return, WeChat Weibo all pull black, completely ignore you. Whether the communication is isolated or not is a very important sign.

2. Emotions Is that the way of communication blackened must be a real break-up? This is not necessarily, if she gives you a lot of reaction, such as yelling and even scolding you, this situation may also be a false break-up. The noise is not terrible, the representative still has a chance, perhaps this still wants to draw your attention. The true break-up is to ignore you, you are in her like air. All she did was be silent and ignore you at all. The mood swings of the other party are an important sign.

3. The social circle assumes that she told you about the break-up, but did not tell her honey and others, in her social circle did not announce the news, it may be a false break-up. But if everyone knows, and even her parents have heard of your break-up, it could be a real break-up. Generally speaking, she did not tell acquaintances, is to give boys a chance, but also to give themselves a way back, in case it is compound, who do not want to be friends as a joke. Some boys do not know, everywhere to find her friends said we have broken up how to do ah, perhaps her friends do not know you break up. So whether or not to announce a breakup message in the social circle, and what the form of the announcement is, is a reference sign.

4. Network state false break-up, girls may be in her microblogging, friends circle some states, such as the heart will be cold love will die, love and others have nothing to do with, even if a person strong go down ah … And send some pictures of dating other boys to stimulate you, I hope you are jealous. If it is a true break-up, she may tweet, WeChat nothing, a silence, like the Dead Sea. So observing each other’s social networking dynamics is also a reference sign.

5. Invitation situation Even if she blackened you, you contact her through other channels to invite her, she still promised to meet you, then there may be a false break-up. But if she says something like this to a friend, “If we meet, you mustn’t bring something, or I won’t go.” “From today on, but if something is preaching to you, you mustn’t tell me, or we won’t even have to do it with our friends.” This is likely to be a true break-up. Therefore, whether the invitation can be made is also a reference sign. Of course, the above 5 points are not the only signs, we should pay attention to comprehensive judgment. So what if you recognize a true sexual breakup and a fake breakup? Here are two scenarios to discuss. The core of fake break-up is that the girl is still hopeful about you, just feel that the way they get along is unacceptable to her, so you will use the form of a break-up to hope that you have a change, and then adjust the way they get along.

If this is the case, you must go and cajole your ex-girlfriend.

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