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I do the work of visiting all year- year-old, simply put, is to communicate with others in a very short period of time, to gain trust, and to maximize the other side to open their hearts, there is a deeper soul collision. It’s a difficult job, but over the years, it’s also allowed me to accumulate some tips for communicating with people.

1. Express your likes and appreciations of the other person frankly. People are very sensitive, whether the other side likes themselves, at a glance. Candidly come up to express their feelings and appreciation, simple praise and praise will let the other side relax.

2. Small gifts work. Not necessarily a big thing, small to a book, a card, small plates, carefully prepared candy, can let each other relax, there is a sense of attention.

3. Smile silently and nod frequently. In the process of communication with the other side, sincerely look into each other’s eyes, silently smile, nod frequently, yes, just like good students in class and teacher exchanges, is good.

4. It is completely correct not to directly deny the other party’s opinion. First, acknowledge each other’s efforts and opinions, to “already very good, in the premise of excellence, you see, we do this, so, wouldn’t it be better?” It would be much better.

5. How do you make a negative comment? If one thing you don’t think is right, but it’s not convenient to speak up, you can guide yourself to discover it.

6. Follow each other’s social networks. Everyone has FB / Whatsapp, watching from time to time. When communicating, a sentence or two says, “Ah, I saw your dog”, “Is your mother better lately?” “The movies you recommend look good” quickly pull up close and reduces communication costs.

7. Keep giving your own information. “Oh, I’m actually the same…” “Last week, I did a stupid thing” “This is my favourite movie, don’t you?” “When communicating with each other, the amount of information on both sides is often not equal. The other person knows you, maybe not as much as you know the other person. Then, constantly and naturally give their own information, let the other side know you.

8. Say less “I” and “we”. Do things in a team, try not to say too much “you’re not right” “I think” … Instead, use the word “we”. “We can actually try again” “Our goal is…” No “me”, only “we”.

9. People are social animals, in the process of interpersonal communication, will restrain negative emotions. From this level, the negative emotions in other people’s hearts are actually much bigger than you feel. That is, when you feel that someone else is angry with you with an index of 1, his true level should be 10. The same is true of other emotions.

10. Don’t be too proud when others praise you, because life is always constant, how many people praise you, how many people insult you, or queue to see your jokes. So don’t be proud when others praise you, because you don’t know which day you’re going to fall. Don’t care too much when others laugh at you, your grades are the best “trump” for them.

11. In an environment, remember each other’s names promptly. Psychologists have said: “People who can call out someone’s name the first time are the most popular in between. “When dealing with people at first, remembering each other’s names can quickly close the distance between them. Because no one wants to admit that they don’t matter. And in life, a lot of people say they can’t remember other people’s names, it’s actually that the other person doesn’t matter. But remembering one’s name is the greatest respect for others.

12 To meet someone must be on time, even if you can’t be on time, don’t lie to others. 

13 Be sure to remember: Be polite. The more people you touch in society, the more people you’ll find that many people don’t even have basic politeness, and the most basic “Hello, thank you, sorry, please…” is difficult. While polite socializing doesn’t necessarily give you social credit, it certainly doesn’t deduct points. In life, many things as long as you communicate well can actually be solved, but some people are extremely bad attitude, in the final analysis, is not enough attention, or from an early age did not form a good habit of polite treatment.

14. When you get along with every one, take care of everyone as much as possible. Don’t deliberately snub or isolate a person, because someone’s heart is really sensitive and fragile, so we have to take care of other people’s emotions, and strive to maintain every relationship. After all, the purpose of socializing is to strengthen relationships, not to offend others.

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