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The day before last, I received a private letter from a student named Fenfen, who had sex with her boyfriend. I thought that after the relationship, the relationship between the two people will become more and more close. But contrary to expectations, Finn felt that her boyfriend was becoming more and more cold to her, even a little deliberately estranged. Ask a boyfriend, boyfriends always use Fenfen “think too much” as the reason to fool the past, and even send messages to reply more and more slowly. Why is this so, men do not cherish when they get their? This is Finn’s question and doubt. I believe a lot of girls go through or hear people around them say things like this. Why are boys really “disposable animals”? Why is he not interested in you, the following three points may give you the answer!

1. Mystery is something you can’t get forever. When you have a substantial relationship, with the boys, your mystery about him has disappeared. So, on the other hand, he’s less attention to your behaviour. The appeal of mystery is huge, and it’s always hard to stop. So some experienced girls, to maintain a sense of mystery, will always be the other half if you leave, let the other side elusive. Staying mysterious can help improve the fun of your life. 

2. Conquest is born with a desire to conquer. There are many forms of conquest, and for men, sex is one of them. The moment he gets you, it means he succeeds in conquering you (though you may not think so, boys do). He is happy, but also unfortunate when conquest is to be satisfied because then there is an endless sense of loss. He would feel the same way, which led him to be less interested in you.

3. Hormone retreat Studies have shown that when people fall in love, the body’s hormones secrete hormones, which can cause excitement. But after talking for a while, the secretion of hormones will gradually decrease until it disappears, and people will gradually wake up from that crazy obsession.

The above three points are why he is not interested in you. But the establishment of intimate relations, but not by the above three points to achieve. They only play a role in regulating life and do not play a decisive role in the promotion of intimacy. Finally, it is suggested that there are a lot of girls like Fenfen, you can give each other some time, and then find them to have a good chat. Falling in love doesn’t necessarily end up together, but at least, you’re happy when you’re in love!

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