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Oral sex is not just a physical job,

More attention, commitment, skill and communication are needed.

What’s the secret?

Can you have better oral sex?

Many times, two people can not enjoy the sweetness of oral sex, because only one party in the input, the other side is just reluctant to cooperate.

For example, one side of the mouth is to please the partner, think that they are in service and dedication, or the other side of the mouth is too nervous, worried about their poor figure or smell.

If both sides like oral sex, you can enjoy it! However, to enjoy good oral sex, you need to master some tips.


For unforgettable oral sex, mood and atmosphere are essential, and the look you desire is the most powerful weapon for creating sexual stress.

You can lick a kiss between his legs, slightly look up, raise your eyelids from time to time, and let him meet your desired eyes.

Between your eyebrows, you can be tender, sly, overbearing, enjoyable, impatient, or a hint of pretending purity and innocence.

When your eyes are staggered and you find a full interest in each other, the intimacy of oral sex will soar, and spiritual satisfaction will surely ignite the flame of the senses.

How can you appreciate the true meaning of oral sex if you are only mechanically repeating it, or if you are too skillful to ignore communication?


Try to enjoy yourself before giving him a mouthful.

Or two people can choose 69, stick together.

Believe me, if your other half can hear the moans you can’t hold while you’re holding him down, you’re definitely going to fire.


Don’t use teeth, you’ve probably heard them countless times, but let me repeat: Don’t use teeth!

The private part is very sensitive and delicate, can’t stand your teeth.


Don’t forget that the great usefulness of oral sex is not only the soft tongue but also the flexible fingers!

In the face of men, you can use a moist package in your mouth with the grip and friction of your hands, double experience, let him cool to death.


And in the face of women, while the tongue teases her “flower buds”, you can put your fingers into, tick the spots that stimulate her, two sides of the clamp, so that her orgasm. 

If you can specialize in the clitoris, first kiss the inside of the girl’s thigh, water in general, soft and firmly close to the clitoris, which can provoke her desire to let her into the state.


Some girls will enjoy your adventure from the inside out.

And the boy’s egg is more sensitive, only to eliminate you slightly licking sucking, or gently stroke with his hand, he will surrender to you.

However, eggs need extra care, they are easy to get hurt, you can work hard, but do not be gentle!

Oral sex is often misunderstood, for example, many girls think that all boys like oral sex, not.

Only some men are more sensitive to oral sex! This is even more true for women, who generally need more time than men to get into shape, and it’s not that easy to reach orgasm.

Communication needs to be more detailed, and skills can be refined, but don’t get nervous or frustrated about it.


Of course, if you’re tired, don’t put up with tongue cramps, tell your partner to switch ways to have sex, or let the little toy take over first.

If your partner forces you to work overtime because you’re not happy enough, you can consider changing yourself.

The ultimate secret of oral sex is to love yourself and each other’s bodies and explore the pleasant switches of both sides through open and frank communication.

If you’re nervous and anxious, can’t let go, or have mustard and can’t enjoy it, it can have a huge impact on each other’s experiences.

Some people will think that leaning under the arm of others is detrimental to dignity, but why not from this point of view: for him to mouth you, is a happy giver, is the dominant sex better oral sex, can see his unbearable look, is not a kind of happiness?

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