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A complete sex life, the amount of exercise is quite large, equivalent to a constant speed of 800 or 1000 meters sprint. For fat people, because of the weight burden, sex will obviously show a lack of physical strength, that is, your posture is useless. The following positions are absolutely comfortable.

1, before echoing after the sex guide

Try this slummy posture when using a typical missionary position (referring to the sexual intercourse posture of a man and a woman). You can tell him to slide two to four inches forward without elbow support. Ask him to put his arm on the shoulders on both sides of you and keep his body flat on your body. Make sure you both keep your spines straight. Close your thighs and lift your hips about two inches. The man should slowly insert it down to reduce the resistance. Instead of using the usual insertion, extraction, but up and down. You begin with a missionary style, where your husband’s entire weight is supported by you, not by his elbows. Then he moved forward about two inches to make his pelvis on top of you. You put your legs on both sides of his pelvis, and as he moves back, you squeeze him up and feel a slight direct stimulation. The key is pressure, counter-pressure, coordination of movement and slow and gentle swinging. Reason for love: Missionary position doesn’t always make you feel the tremors of orgasm. But because he’s in a more forward position, his bottom naturally rubs against your clitoris. The twitch brings a climax, and the pleasure slowly increases. Because both sexual organs share such a narrow space, the pleasure of reaching orgasm is enhanced.

2, pillow wonderful use

Put a pillow under your head and lie on the bed (or any soft side). Raise your knees against your breasts and your legs are staggered around your ankles. The man kneels in front of you, his legs touch, his body leans forward, and his hips are placed on his knees that bend to an angle. Keep your legs close. As he slowly inserts, gently presses your foot against his chest to keep his balance. You can stroke his thighs as he pumps smoothly and super comfortably back and forth. Reason for love: This physically connected posture is a triple pleasure because of the friction that arises when the legs cross and the clamp is burning. That super intense rhythm gives both sides more sense. Also, this intimate posture increases your ability to contract muscles – by squeezing the man, you create more amazing tension in the area below the woman, thus increasing the pleasure of both sides.

3, then wing double fly sex guide

When you squat on the bed or chair with your back to him, you stand in front of you. You lean against his chest and he keeps his hands under your hips to keep your body in balance. Then he entered from behind. Reason for fondness: This pose will cause him more friction than the usual rear quick insertion, insert deeper when twitching, and prompt for a little faster when the pace slows down. As long as he is weak he can hold your weight and let him take a step back. Changing the angle will change the position of his hitting your vaginal wall and boost your pleasure by pulling it out. 

4, floating fairy sex guide

Choose a fixed surface – a solid headboard if you have a spacious bathroom, or next to a bathtub. Lie flat, raise your hands above your head, and place your palms on the surface at will, a few inches from the bathtub or headboard; Once he starts the missionary position, tighten your legs as tightly as possible, clamp your thighs, and each time he inserts, his cock will rub the inside of your thighs and the labia. But constant friction can scratch your dry skin, so make sure your body is fully awakened. For him, the wether the better, so wet yourself with lubricants for a slippery lure.

5, spread wings high-flying sex guide

Put a pillow under your head, lie on your back, and hold your legs as straight as possible in the air. He kneels (chest against your calf) and pushes your legs slightly aside – not letting them fall completely – and leans forward and inserts them. He can keep his hands on the bed and floor on both sides of your body to keep your balance. Reason for love: Keep your legs high and close together to create a super-tight feeling that will bring you and his seductive friction that makes your body tremble. Because he inserts it at an angle (about 30 degrees), you both feel the obvious depth of a common missionary or dog crawl, and when he pulls it out, you can stroke his clitoris, or lie flat back, enjoy the incredible body pleasure, and see your happy expression, which will make him howl. Tip Try to interactively bend your knees slightly and open your thighs a little; with each move, you both feel a completely different sense of tightness; the intersection will loosen a little, the angle of insertion will change, and a variety of changes will allow your desire to fly.

6, female upper position

Start with a bewildering actual woman on a paved bed. But instead of letting him lie cross-over on the mattress, you ride on him, and climb on him as he lies vertically against the pillow – you’ll know right away why; stop shaking when you’re nearing orgasm, gently grab both sides of his body with your hands; kneel on your knees, move him slowly to the edge of the bed, know his head, shoulders and hands hanging back over the bed; and then ride on him again. Reason for love: You’re in complete control because you’re feeling great, you’re sitting almost completely on him, and he has no choice but to give himself to you completely, and when his body is upside down, blood rushes to the brain to experience the so-called necrosis inverted, sending a tingling sensation to his upper body, which can turn his orgasm into a hyper-dusting experience.


Face up on the edge of the bed, table or work table; place a pillow under your ass, raise the height; straighten your legs up and hold tight; you can put your hands under the pillow, raise your pelvis, use them to hold the table or table tightly, keep your balance, or put it on at will; he can stand and insert; if the bed or table is too low, he can kneel on the floor; he can hold your feet up to balance, which will make him smoother and deeper. The reason to like to keep his legs together means that he feels more completely wrapped by you, thus creating a lot of pleasant friction and unbeliever tightness; when he inserts, you can stimulate the clitoris and show him what you’re crazy about. Tips occasionally separate the thighs and close them together, so that you can get the first tightness again and again; the feeling of being tight, a little bit tighter, a little bit tighter again will drive you crazy, and you’re yelling that letting him sprint will create waves of pleasure.

8, The bathroom

Stand under the pontoon head (keep the water flowing) facing the other side of the bathtub; lean forward slightly, keep your back straight and your hands on your thighs; stand behind your back and put your arms around your waist, and he can pull you back to strengthen. Love the reason for this passionate pose under the poncho, the showerhead sprinkled water just on the insertion point when he inserted to create more tremors of pleasure. Tip You can stimulate the clitoris a little, or reach out from below to stroke his highly sensitive testicles, giving him a surprise and stimulating his libido.

9, upside-down phoenix sex guide

Lie faceup and start this upside-down joy tour; support your lower back, your legs up, all the way back, back, so that your legs are as perpendicular as possible to the plane you’re lying on; he kneels in front of you, grabs your ankles, your knees against your shoulders; and then you grab his hand and tells him to hold your hips – it will balance you both; hold his thighs and adjust so that you can start to get that extra-high. Reasons to love: Do this pose, you may not know what will happen – the one you know is definitely worth a try when you experience the pleasure it brings; the thigh blood reflow will enhance the feeling of the pelvic area, and the clamped thighs placed on your shoulders will make you feel comfortable as a spark. Tip When both sides are about to reach orgasm, tighten your legs a little more; the extra thigh movement will give him a deeper layer of the impact that has been tightly combined.


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