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For everyone’s happiness, today and you read some of the little secrets and careful thinking of women in bed——in sex talk forum.

These are just a few little secrets about women’s language, more about sex, and now follow Becky to explore women’s secrets about sex(sex talk forum.

1. A woman’s body that doesn’t like to have sex under a lamp usually excites men, but women tend to want to turn it off before they have sex. Are you shy? It’s not that simple. Men are visual animals, women are sensory animals.

Men tend to be more sensitive to visual stimuli, and most women think that in the dark they can feel a wider space for sex, and can better think about so many pleasant and emotional things, and thus more excited. Even without turning off the lights, women are used to making love with their eyes closed, and everything makes them feel more focused.

Another important reason is that fear of bad expression management, their faces will become ugly because of excitement, and perhaps some moaning, in the dark, these will be covered up. In fact, women do not hate the light to avoid, dim and lost light is easier to create an ambiguous atmosphere, let them more relaxed.

2 . There will be sexual fantasies when sex I know, most people who see this will think “under my body, actually think of another man?” “Butt, in fact, most women have some sexual fantasies when they have sex, some imagine scenes in the movie, some imagine the ups and downs of the ocean, some longing rough, some longing to kiss.

If it’s a sexual affinity that’s neither happy nor successful, they usually think: How did this end? Instead, they may indulge in their own sexual fantasies. If at this time they think of other men, it is often not the ordinary men they know, but their favourite men or male stars. Sometimes this imagination excites them, and sometimes nothing happens. Some women firmly choose their husbands as “sexual fantasy objects” because, for women, love is always the first.

3. Doesn’t refuse to change sexual tricks No one likes the same postures and scenes, most people like to try new scenes and unlock new poses.

It has always been thought that the party that proposes the change and pursues greater stimulation and happiness will be men, in fact, modern women are no longer excluded from changing the game in their understanding and action because they also need to pursue fresh stimulation. However, it is important to insist on the premise that they believe that this sexual posture and caressing is healthy, hygienic, safe and can make themselves happier, without any harm to their physical or mental health. 

Therefore, if men want to try new sexual postures and caressing methods, the most important thing is to respect the will of the woman, to obtain their consent, and not to impose the will on people, so that women have a feeling of being exploited, insulted or even raped, only both interested and willing to try will reap satisfaction and sexual blessings.

4. Pretence orgasm Before we said that “fake orgasm women really love you, women are born acting school, if you think that the excitement of women in sex is the performance of orgasm, may be a hit.” In fact, most women, especially young women, have the tendency and performance to disguise orgasms. Some women seem to think that only those women who are prone to sexual excitement can be more attractive to men and are the partners they like

Therefore, every woman wants to be able to show a very emotional look of conquest. You know, which woman is willing to admit that they are indifferent in bed, like a piece of wood? Part of it is out of a deep love for you, women mostly know that men are passionate and vulnerable in bed, so they can’t bear to feel frustrated and unhappy. In another case, sex with you really upsets her, she wants to get rid of the man as soon as possible, or is she not in a state at the moment and doesn’t want to have sex, what could be a faster solution than pretending to orgasm?

5. Condoms don’t affect pleasure Most men tend not to like wearing condoms for sex, which in their opinion reduces pleasure. For women, whether a man wears a condom during sex has no special feeling about pleasure other than being safe or some people don’t like their inner body. That feeling of itching like a pair of rubber films is not very much for a woman and certainly does not bring more pleasure.

Wearing a condom to have sex, women will think more: condoms do not slip, is not torn? This is entirely due to contraception and preventive diseases. There is certainly no happiness if you risk the wind of a possible careless pregnancy or the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

6. Passive is an illusion that many times men are dominant in bed, and we also default to the fact that women don’t like to dominate relationships in bed, and boys will ask dear ones more if we have sex tonight? Honey, I want to have sex? In fact, women in the sexual performance of initiative or not, and they have no sexual motivation, initiative, are two different things. Women are by no means passive in bed, and most women can only express them in more subtle and subtle ways.

For example, prepare his favourite dinner for a man, and after dinner, he is particularly attentive and intimate; wash early in the evening and get ready to go to bed, and ask you to come to bed as soon as possible; go to bed together and change into very sexy underwear that you especially like, and seem to show you provocatively or unintentionally… It could all be saying, “Honey, I want to have sex tonight, too“, and you might as well try to get her “up” and unlock a wave of female postures.

Relationships have become so complicated that it’s better to communicate with each other than to guess, to say what you want to do better to find a healthy sexual relationship that’s right for you.

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