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What is sexual attraction?

How does it affect our intimacy?

Is it short-lived or long-lasting?

How do you make sex in a relationship last longer?

Well, the topic we’re talking about today is: How do we make our sexual attraction last longer? To give people a better understanding of the issues related to sexual attraction, we solve the mystery from a discussion of three issues.

Sex so good memes.

Question one: Is sexual attraction short-lived? Or long-term?

The first thing to look at is whether the sexual attraction is long-lasting or short-lived in your mind. Personally, I think sexual attraction should be long-term, communication between partners, getting along, the existence of no sexual attraction will have a lot of problems. In our relationships with our partners, we need to focus on and maintain sexual attraction.

Question 2: What is sexual attraction?

Sexual attraction can create passion, but it’s not the same as passion. Because passion fades, but sexual attraction can still exist.

Personally, I feel that sexual attraction has many forms, the core of which is the bloom of inner sexual attraction, such as self-focus. Also, it can be from the inside out to release their own lust;

Respect for the wishes of others, for example, means that our personal sexual attraction will also be released and accepted. If you have a lot of advantages, but you and people in the process of ignoring the other person’s feelings, which will make the other side feel uncomfortable, naturally there is no mood to appreciate your “glamour.” So being too self is like shutting a door to your sexual attraction, and respect is the key to your sexual attraction.

We get along with another person, and with contact and communication and a deeper understanding, there may be a feeling of retreating passion, and at this point, we want to be sexually attractive for a longer period of time, so what should we do? That’s what we’re going to talk about next, and that’s the most critical question in today’s course.

Question 3: How to make sexual attraction last longer?

Sex so good memes.

First, make yourself an interesting person.

Because if you’re a boring person, people get tired of you quickly and don’t have a curiosity about you. We look at a person as if we were looking at the cover of a book, getting along with people is like reading the contents of a book, reading the first two chapters, and feeling completely aware of what the book is about, you will certainly have no incentive to continue reading.

So what are the ways to make yourself interesting? Here are two ways I think are good:

Method one, reading. Especially reading some classic story novels can increase your human literacy, watch jokes, such as talk shows, increase your sense of humour in your personal language, read books in professional fields, and make your talk more in-depth.

Method 2: Meet interesting people. After spending a lot of time with interesting people, you will become more interesting and emotional. You can actively find, meet people who are more interesting than you, and then communicate and communicate with them, take the initiative to learn from them.

Second, you have to look at people with curiosity.

Go and “see” your partner with curiosity, and he’ll find himself attractive. When you look at each other with a curious eye, the other side will in turn look at you with a curious eye, in the process of such exchanges, you will find the new continent.

Two people together for a long time will have stereotypes, curiosity will break these stereotypes. So, to make sex attractive for a little longer, we need to break all kinds of “inherent impressions” about each other to feel the “different” in the other person.

Third, let life change a little more.

If life and sex and love are always the same, then we will certainly get tired of this we look at a person tired of a truth. Then “manufacturing” change is very necessary. To give a simple example, we should not always be missionaries in bed, and we can make changes in all aspects, including changing postures, or scene changes. These are actually ways to increase sexual attraction.

Fourth, add “unfinished events”.

Hanging on to the appetite especially encourages a person to do it. For example, if you and your partner are discussing a trip to a seaside hotel, you can sketch out the scene and tell you what you want to go here, and what it’s like to be around. This adds an unfinished event that is called unfinished in the lives of both of you. Because it’s not done, you two will want to find a chance to do it. You don’t feel like you’re expecting anything from each other until you’re done, that’s the charm of the unfinished event.

Finally, respect human nature and maintain external attractiveness.

Human nature is beautiful, prefer good-looking appearance, so appearance is also very important. We can’t always expect a person to have the ability to see our funny soul through our bad appearance, because it’s anti-human. People are visual animals, and it’s easy to judge based on appearance, which may be a stereotype, but most people do. Therefore, to enhance sexual attraction, we still need to pay attention to their own external, pay attention to skincare, fitness, clothing matching, so that they’re external more attractive.

OK, that’s some of my sharing about “how sexual attraction lasts longer.” If you have any questions, you are also welcome to leave a message in the comments area!

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