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Today we’re going to take a look at TEMPERATURE PLAY in more detail. (Flirting body language on the bed.)

Note: This is suitable to share with their friends, men’s push, good things to share in time.

1. Include a mouthful of warm water before oral sex.

Practice: Before sex, you can quietly put a glass of warm water on the bedside table (to be warm, not hot!) )。

What’s it for?

Perhaps oral sex is enough to make your male ticket happy, but this cup of warm water can make his oral pleasure index rise from the plain to the top of the mountain!

First, take a mouthful of warm water, and then contain a mouthful, do not swallow, contain in the mouth, and then give oral sex, while mouthing doesn’t forget to use the water left in the mouth back and forth “flush” the cock, and finally eat the cock.

Your boyfriend will love you!

Warm reminder:

It may be harder than you think to keep warm water in your mouth, but I have faith in you!

Passion Index: 5 stars

Safety index: 5 stars

 2. This trick does not require the help of any external equipment, the weapon is your own warm and humid breath.

This soul breathing must be left to the most sensitive parts, nipples, neck, waist and so on, not only the ear exhalation to let people enjoy.

Warm reminder: to the chest exhaled hot air can also try!

Passion Index: 2 stars

Safety index: 5 stars

 3. Drop wax 

Drop hot candle oil on your skin, don’t pretend you haven’t heard of it, but you can’t buy candles on the street. There is a kind of low-temperature essential oil candle is dedicated to couples, drops on the skin completely do not feel hot, but higher than the body temperature of .5 degrees, and melt can be transformed into massage body essential oil, to ensure that the skin will not burn!

First of all, drop wax must get the other side’s consent, different people’s skin sensitivity to heat is not the same, the psychological acceptance of this way is not the same.

Second, the higher the height the candle lifts, the lower the temperature to reach each other’s skin. Of course, a good quality essential oil candle is also very important.

Finally, don’t forget to give a gentle massage stroke, promote blood circulation, too enjoy.

Passion Index: 4 stars

Safety index: 3 stars


Probably the cheapest sex toy – spoon

Sneak a spoon in the fridge before going out for a candlelit dinner, this time not to remove eye edema. Not in the fridge, or a bowl of iced water.

Now Playing: Wait until sex can let this cold spoon out, 99.9% of girls should guess what to do next! Place the back of the spoon in the other side’s sensitive area, head and neck.

Warm reminder: As for the reproductive organs or forget it, it turned into torture.

Passion Index: 3 stars

Safety index: 4 stars


Love toys without money – Xiaoice pieces.


Now Playing: It is recommended to take a Xiaoice piece to slide on him, start from one side of the neck, slowly downstream to the outside of the thigh, and then move to the inside of the thigh, then to the inside of the thigh of the other leg, and then slide up, until the other side of the neck, OVER!

Warm reminder: or the old saying, remember to avoid each other’s private place, so as not to stimulate the other side can not stand!

Passion Index: 3 stars

Safety index: 4 stars


An alternative to ice – iced fruit flakes.


If the ice cubes are too cold, try fruit slices, which feel softer than ice cubes, such as high-water cucumber slices. This fruit slice is also to ice and uses again.

Play: Try to hold your mouth, on the other side of the body sensitive parts crossed, watching you with fruit in your own body to play with this picture has let his desire spray!

Warm reminder: for safety reasons, food or avoid the private place is wonderful, not only afraid of freezing but also infection, allergies and other risks.

Passion Index: 4 stars

Safety index: 4 stars


Change the temperature.

It’s a great trick. First, the boys wrapped the cock in warm and humid towels for a while, while the girls themselves used a cool massage stick. Next, the boys into girls, you imagine that feeling!!


Warm reminder: The massage sticks to be used here are preferably made of glass or metal, and the sticks themselves are cold.

Passion Index: 5 stars

Safety index: 3 stars


In addition to these 7 door temperatures teasing big, there is some conscience advice to give you!

Recommendation 1:

All of the above tricks can be combined, cold and hot tricks can also be used together.

Recommendation 2:

Eye masks are good friends of Temperature PLAY, and research has shown that just covering your eyes with an eye mask can instantly enhance your touch experience by 5 times!

Recommendation 3:

One of the big costs of playing these tricks in bed is that the sheets will be spoiled by wax oil and ice in minutes, a more perfect place is the bathtub, cleaning convenience is not to say, the key can also be by adjusting the water temperature to prevent too cold discomfort.

Go and try the flirting body language with your lover.

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