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How many couples still think about compounding after they break up? Especially for girls, they said the break-up is just a word on the oral, did not expect to say that the number of break-ups increased, it really went to the point of breaking up. This time she has become your ex-girlfriend but will try to give you compound hints, but many boys may not understand. Here’s to share the hints that your ex-girlfriend wants to compound, do you understand the compound hints?

Ex-girlfriend want to compound the hint of one, keep your contact information if your ex-girlfriend after the break-up did not delete your contact information, but in the silent attention to your dynamics, do not reply to you, but just do not delete you, because she still loves you, wants to compound with you, but because of the girl’s stubborn, she will not take the initiative to ask you compound, but may find reasons to contact you, hint at you. For example, I’m sorry I sent the wrong (and then delete it right away), she’s actually trying to get your attention, remind you of her, remind you of her memories. When a girl doesn’t love you because you’re not attractive enough, you have to change yourself, make yourself attractive again, and then suddenly appear in front of her to save her heart.

Ex-girlfriends want to compound the hint of two, frequent updates. If you break up with an ex-girlfriend, she doesn’t update much from someone who didn’t update much before, to someone who’s been suddenly and frequently updated in the circle of friends lately. Sometimes she sends songs and articles that have meaning, sometimes upload photos of she going out with friends, and you often see her dynamics, probably because she’s trying to get your attention. At this time, your ex-girlfriend actually wants you to see her state after breaking up and show it to you again.

Ex-girlfriend wants to compound the hint of three, save couple items usually, the girl firmly mention the break-up, all related to you, even if it is FB dynamic, she will delete clean and dry. If your ex-girlfriend breaks up with you, the reason for not deleting is simple, she is reluctant to delete the previous post, but when angry to break up, but also retains these dynamics on the words and deeds. She did so to leave room for later compounding. She just wants to be with you all the time.

The ex-girlfriend wants to compound the innuendo four, probe your information. If the ex-girlfriend wants to compound, she will always pay attention to your dynamics, otherwise, you have a new girlfriend she is no chance? So she’ll ask a mutual friend about your situation, or she’ll contact you directly for some reason to find out about you. As long as she shows a willingness to communicate, can contact your signal, is undoubtedly concerned about you, can not put down.

The ex-girlfriend wants to compound the hint of five, can make an appointment to meet. If after the break-up you can also ask your ex-girlfriend out, indicating that she wishes you, and do not want you to cut off contact with this, she actually wants to compound with you. And to be able to meet after the break-up is beneficial to the recovery.

The above ex-girlfriend wants to compound the hint is actually quite obvious, as long as the boys take a little thought can find. If you want to compound, you can also test the idea of an ex-girlfriend in advance, for the later recovery is very good.

The ex-girlfriend wants to compound the hint to six that she will talk to her mutual friends about you. If a woman is willing to talk to a friend about her predecessor, it means that the predecessor has a large proportion in her current mood, like overflowing water, too much to bear, she can not resist their own hidden relief, can not help but tell others to release emotions. This kind of story may be memories, maybe an expression of thoughts, an expression of regret, may even be complaining, which means that she completely drew an end to this relationship. Still reluctant, if you hold the initiative to recover, use the appropriate strategy to repair feelings, she is very likely to return.

The ex-girlfriend wants to compound the hint to seven that the ex-girlfriend will keep in close contact with you. If an ex-girlfriend creates a conversation with you after a breakup, or if you talk to her, she’ll reply to you, which means you have a chance to save her. But you need to note that her chat with you doesn’t necessarily mean she wants to compound, just that if you want to compound, you have a good condition to take advantage of the opportunity.

Ex-girlfriends want to compound the hint of eight, will share with you the previous little bit of memories are full of the tenderness of one thing, women will not be feelingless men to show their emotional soft side. In the process of recovery, if you try to bring up the past, your ex-girlfriend refuses to take up the topic, indicating that you have not waited until the time is ripe for recovery, you need to stop talking about feelings or the past completely, stop moving forward, and continue to work hard in the current stage of recovery. If your ex-girlfriend is attached to you and even extends the topic, and you recall the past with you, indicating that he still has those good wishes that could happen in the future, your recovery time is riper.

The ex-girlfriend wants to compound the hint that nine, will ask you for help, indicating that you have a good foundation for recovery. Because when a person is in trouble and asks for help, the first person to think of it is the one she trusts most in her heart. This situation is also conducive to your recovery action because you can use her psychology to create more opportunities to show your change and create secondary attraction. If after the break-up of your ex-girlfriend can also appear in the above 9 behavioural states, your compounding ever should be a chance to win, I hope you can return to good.

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