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There are two mainstream views. There is a view: people who like you won’t let you wait, because he can’t stand thinking about your pain. The second view is: to see how you communicate before, if you have been in a regular and bland state of communication, don’t worry about a day or two. 

Both views certainly make sense, but pay attention to their premises. Keep in mind that there is a possibility of true love, regardless of the mode of relationship, but only if there is true love between you. How long a person has not contacted you means that you may have to give up the edge, such a question will trouble you, there is no doubt that the correlation between you is very low, not even reached the “friendship above” level, so the stage to ask whether to give up, it is too anxious, it is better to ask: if I have a good feeling for a person, but he did not actively contact me for more than 2 days, what should I do. In a relationship, women are advised to maintain the basic identity of the pursuer, because all male talent is born in pursuit of the opposite sex, in their pursuit of you, you can just test whether they are qualified warriors, that is the most critical factor for women to choose the right partner! If you really don’t mind if men have masculine traits, just high-level lovers who pursue Plato’s love affair or pure physical hedonism, stop reading this article, and the following and above don’t make sense to you. For you, he chased you or you chased him, no difference, he does not contact you, you contact him on it! But beyond that, how long do men not actively contact, which means you should “give up”? My answer is for 2 days. In fact, this is an estimation method, we should compare the frame of reference. If he keeps in touch with you at noon, the law of contact in the afternoon, and suddenly one day, at noon you don’t receive a message from him greeting you, you should be prepared. If he often sends messages in the afternoon at that time, he still does not contact you, then well, you can tell yourself that this person has given up pursuing you. You can see his circle of friends, whether on this day normal release of the dynamic, if yes, then very sure, he does not contact you he does not want to contact, there is no deliberate tentative, shy, not busy, tired, do not have to give your face to find any steps, he is also a normal person like a gust of wind, came and went is normal. So in this case, you don’t need a full day, you only need two or three points in time to decide whether you should let yourself forget that person exists. If he didn’t post anything on social media that day and immediately resumed normal communication the next day and explained to you why he wasn’t in touch yesterday, he’s really busy with you. What you really want to know is, why did he start contacting you so often, and why did he start not contacting you? Quite simply, when he feels good about you, he is bound to further deepen his association with you, and frequent contact is essential. And wthey his affect feelings for you decrease or even disappear, the motivation to deepen the correlation disappears, and naturally, he is less active in connecting with you. At this time you may have a good feeling for him and you want to continue the process of deepening the correlation.

That’s why you’re confused.

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