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What did you talk about on your first date? What should boys say better when they date girls? Below for everyone to organize the appointment chat strategy, we have a good look, do not go to the appointment when cold!

Dating the right 19 topics

 1, siblings. When we meet for the first time, the usual topic is to talk about brothers and sisters. Talk about brothers and sisters, you can deepen the understanding, lively atmosphere. And if you want to know her family and show that you like her, it’s easy to win her trust.

2, childhood ideal. Talk about childhood ideals. This is a very interesting topic, both relaxed and pleasant, but also to enhance feelings. But don’t grab the topic, let her talk, the happier she says the better you have a chance.

3, talk about your friends and her friends. Maybe you don’t know them, but it doesn’t matter. She would be happy to talk about her friends, the details of their relationship, the time and place of their meeting. Maybe you’re not interested at all, but don’t get impatient.

4, the latest movie. If she likes to watch it, just look for a chance for her next date.

5, hometown edict, love home people always give people a reliable and stable, deep feelings.

6, personal interests. It’s a topic that’s important to the future and prone to laughter. Pay attention to grasp the scale. Not easy to ask too private questions.

7, childhood anecdotes. Childhood who do not have anecdotes, say it does not affect your image, but also make people feel you kind and lovely.

8, send an invitation. The first date chats If she’s having a good time when you see your eyes light up, the two are getting closer and closer, there’s a chance. You can talk to her about your ideas and make an invitation, but don’t worry too much, it will scare her. But you can rest assured that if she is happy, she will be happy to be with you and will not refuse you easily.

9, like food. If you’re eating in a restaurant or bar, it’s a pleasant topic to talk about your favourite delicacies. When you talk about food, not only do you know her tastes and find common things, but you don’t have to worry about any more topics. If she has good cooking skills, first boast, and then ask her, “Listen to me, one day let me go to your house as a guest.” “Even if she knew you were complimenting her, she was useful.

12. plans. Can you talk about your college life? Do you want to go back to school? She may be interested in these topics, talking about her student life, interesting things, honours, etc

15, hobbies. Do you like collecting stamps, singing, or dancing? Do you like sports? What kind of music do you like to listen to? These questions can’t help but be asked, otherwise, how do you know her interests and hobbies? And she also wants to show herself, a lot of things, why not.

16, the appropriate praise of the heart of beauty is common, human nature is like love beauty, like to be praised, appropriate and not exaggerated praise can make each other feel good about you multiplied, of course, the first meeting is best not to praise the specific parts of the body, can be dressed, temperament, learning to talk

17, talk about your character. Are you a very easy person to lose your temper with? This question can understand his character, personality also determines the way he treats people, irritable people are often not liked, from this point can see the big problem.

18. Your favourite books, movies, exhibitions, or games can learn about a person in these ways.

 Topics that don’t fit when you meet for the first time

1, love history. When we meet for the first time, everyone always inexplicably and unknowingly tells their love history to new objects, which is not a good topic, we must restrain ourselves from this idea.

2. Health problems. It’s a little premature for you to report your illness and other people’s illnesses if you meet for the first time. First of all, put your cold, indigestion, menstruation and other problems and talk to him, may scare him.

3, chaotic lifestyle. Don’t introduce your appalling lifestyle to each other the first time you meet. Don’t tell him about the days with spirits and the stories of ghosting with men.

4. Politics. The first meeting is not suitable for discussing serious, authentic issues. Those heavy topics can escalate into quarrels, which can affect their relationship, and you don’t want to talk at the dinner table. If he doesn’t go right with your ideas, then you can change the subject and there’s no need to continue the awkward debate.

5. Money. Whether you have more or less money, money is by no means a topic worth talking about when you meet for the first time.

6, superior shortcomings. It’s easy to talk about your boss when you’re at work, don’t gossip, don’t complain, it lowers your own image.

So many about the first date should talk about what topic everyone should remember to be random, ah, a good topic is the common language of both sides, but also to enhance mutual understanding, have a wonderful first date!


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