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Have you ever heard of smoking addiction, drinking addiction, internet addiction, sex addiction?

Sex addiction, like gay subject matter, is getting more and more attention from filmmakers, and then there are a lot of good films.

Don’t simply imagine a yellow movie, Becky recommends, naturally not simply capturing the picture, but more importantly the movie itself. Here are ten sex-addicted movies that will give you a better understanding of what it’s like to be a bunch of people.

Nymphomaniac: Volume2013)



Impeccable sex work! Full of humor, aesthetics and poetry, a unique narrative approach. First push this one.

At a very young age, Joey discovered that she had an unusually high libido, and his young ignorance and understanding made her embrace his differences, and as she grew older, she began to be bold and open in the sea of lust, even starting a club with friends dedicated to “female addicts”.



Michael Fassbender won the 68th Venice Film Festival for his film.

The host announced Langton’s love of adult movies, his habit of masturbating, and his search for flowers to ask Willow. One day, his boss denounced Brandon for stuffing his computer hard drive with adult movies, calling it a disgrace. In fact, his own really difficult to give up is not sex addiction, but the heart of the brother and sister feelings.

DON JON2013)



Joseph Gaudden-Levitt, who directed his maiden work, also took on sister-in-law Scarlett Johansson.

The film tells the story of Joseph’s life, he only cares about these things: fitness, racing cars, going to church, girls and watching videos. Although Joseph was not short of beautiful girls sleeping with him, he never got satisfaction from his relationship with them. Instead, you can only feel the pleasure of forgetting when watching videos.

In the Realm of the Senses(1976)



Kyoto’s famous geisha Abe Ding from Liang became a rich family of domestic servants, by the male owner Ishigita Ji-tibet, and his handsome, popular and elegant also let Abe Ding dumped, the two in a short period of time into the flesh-and-blood joy is difficult to pull themselves. In order to experience the pleasure of sex more smoothly, Abeding and Shidaji tibetan eloped to a hotel, began a bolder and more arrogant and uninhabited intersection, so that the hotel up and down stunned.

It is said that in the process of filming the film “The Kingdom of The Senses”, the director Edoshi Dshima has a difficult question is how the actors can effectively use contraception when performing in front of the camera.




Mary, a beautiful young primary school teacher, lives with her boyfriend of three months, Paul, and although Paul says he loves Mary, he never has sex with her. Even though Mary was extremely provocative, she never received a response. Frustrated and frustrated, she finally tried to cheat, and she turned around with men of all colors to enjoy the long-lost body joy.

A film worthy of all feminists’ admiration. When can a man understand that sex is a form of respect and recognition for a woman?

The Free Will(2006)



Theo has long suffered from physical torture, and his uninsisted desire for sex has even made him commit serious crimes, and when that desire reached morbid proportions, Theo was sent to a psychiatric hospital for treatment.

Nine years later, Theo, who had emerged from the hospital, became a “normal person”, but the pain of the heart and the unsealable past still afflicted the poor man.



The film won the Golden Bear Award, The Blue Sky Messenger Award and the Silver Bear Award for Best Actress at the 2001 Berlin Film Festival.

Jay, a frustrated musician in London, lives a poor life and has a bleak future, living on a bartender every day. For him, the most anticipated and exciting thing is every Wednesday afternoon.

On this day, there is always a strange woman came to Jay’s apartment, the two did not say a word, only immersed in the original sex, after the woman decided to leave. However, Jay became less content with the brief meeting, and he began to secretly follow the woman to learn about her life, and their relationship changed.

Diario de una ninfómana(2008)



Vera Li, a young and beautiful Barcelona woman, has been out of control since she first tasted men and women at the age of 15. She was madly infatuated with this sense of euthanism, which men regarded as something in particular, while leaving to give up because of their endless desires. Despite the debauchery, the thirty-year-old Willa li still longs for romantic and happy love.

It wasn’t until her beloved grandmother died that she decided to abandon the past and start over. When she applied for the job, she met Jamie, a handsome manager of a company, and the two fell in love. But the perfect love seems destined to have nothing to do with Vera, and her love affair with Jamie ends badly. At this point, she felt the long-silent desire in her body waking up again

En la cama(2005)



The film won the Best Actress award at the 2006 Palm Springs International Film Festival.

Bruno and Daniella, who were strangers, went to a private party and chanced the two to meet, then walked into the motel for a passionate night out. After the passion, the two talk about their unforgettable love history, guess the past hotel people of all colors and other experiences, improvisation of the film script. When the passion continued, but Bruno blustered out his ex-girlfriend’s name suddenly stopped, the two more because of the hole-in-the-hole condom verses.

The fighting soon subsided, and the two couldn’t help but want to find out each other’s lives, and Bruno and Daniella, close to each other, spoke more candidly about the secrets in their hearts. When the long night was over, they found that each other was more than just the original lust.

Sleep with Me(2005)



Will the most thorough and passionate love be completely sexual? Only sex, can it be called love? Leila is a popular woman who likes to have sex with all kinds of men;

At a party, Leila hooked up with a new man, and when they hid outside the house to have sex, David and his girlfriend were hiding in the car to have sex. The two men had a brief eye contact and had sparked. The two then went on to have sex together, in the park, at home, on the roof, and they enjoyed sex in almost every place. The only way they communicate is to have sex. This time, however, Leila realized that she felt differently about David than any other sexual partner.

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