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Love is beautiful, love is also unstoppable, meet good love meet the heart, or brave to pursue, even if you are a girl, but also to love confession, to your favourite boys. So how do girls say it?

Preparation before confession.

1. Create a good communication relationship:

Before we confess, we should establish a better communication relationship, so what kind of communication relationship is better?

For example, every day will chat, such as a lot of common topics and so on. To confess also need a certain fire, usually, a month chat no more than ten sentences, you send the message she often does not reply, I am afraid the success rate of confession will be very low, or the timing of confession is not mature enough, so we first want to pull the relationship closer.

2. Enough understanding of her character and hobbies:

Before confession, we should try to understand as much as possible about her personality, hobbies and so on, to understand what these are useful? That’s for sure, we’re going to mention these things when we’re actually pretty good about her, that we know her well, that we know that we’ve been watching her for a long time. Also, after the successful confession, the previously understood personality and hobbies in the future communication help is very large. (As for personality and hobbies how to understand depends on how you usually chat how to ask, such as the weekend, ask her what arrangements, see how she spends the weekend, such as when it rains, ask her mood there are no fluctuations and so on.) )

3. Pick a suitable time to report:

Confessions are also very time-selecting, so when exactly is more suitable for confession? Here I give you some advice

(1) on his birthday or your birthday;

(2) Valentine’s Day or April Fool’s Day

(3) weekend holiday, confession is best to choose in the mood is better, the holiday is a good choice, birthday is, of course, better, if you can tell in person to support the face, not if you can choose to send a message or call. 

4. Choosing a good location is half the success, and the core principle of choosing a location is that fewer people are quiet. Why? Because of this more two-person world feeling, the atmosphere will be more intimate and ambiguous, you say to him, he can hear more clearly. So don’t choose a movie theatre, a games hall, or some noisy place. Parks, campuses, or some unseen street corners are good choices.

5. The idea of creating a more relaxed and pleasant atmosphere is simple: let the atmosphere come alive first so that the emotions and emotions of both sides are mobilized. For example, some more ambiguous words: a few days do not see you, I still miss you, do you miss me?

6. Some physical contact will be better small hands better pull up, small waist is best to hold up so that your relationship is closer, closer.

7. Emotional confession, express their likes to him have some of the above paving, your atmosphere has been more ambiguous. This is the time when you can begin to express your love for him. For example: In fact, from the first time I saw you, I was attracted to you, the first time I dated you, my heart has been banging, and now I feel strongly. Add another fire to the ambiguous fire between you.

8. Confession, to make sure that the relationship by this time the fire has ignited, I estimate that his heart has itched, may hinder him is more passive side.” I like you, let’s be together” If he’s a little sedition, you kiss up and say, “You kiss me, even if you say yes” As long as there’s no obvious objection, you’re together. But generally speaking, as long as it is not too wooden boys or too passive boys, you say like him, he has agreed.

Meet love, bravely tell him, to hold his hand. Don’t be afraid to refuse. Because at least men will respect the girl’s bravery and impress.

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