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A lot of girls ask me. After breaking up with my boyfriend, what was he thinking? So today, let’s have a good chat, what exactly are the men thinking after the breakup?

After the break-up of men will generally go through three stages, if you can understand the idea of these three stages, it is actually a lot of problems will be solved.

Stage 1: Excitement period. Men in love more or less will be controlled by their girlfriends, although they do not say, the inner desire for freedom is not weakened at all. So, and women’s sadness is different, this period of men will be like a wild horse. There may be a little pain, but the thought of their own regained freedom, will instantly out of the shadow of love, and even secretly glad. So, the more you chase at this stage, the faster he runs. Because in this period of time, men often lack the ability of rational and objective judgment, not only will you feel very annoying and annoying, but also your mistakes and shortcomings will be infinitely enlarged. Because at the moment, he just wants to enjoy comfort without feelings, quickly escape the unhappy mood to enjoy HAPPY. Rest assured, however, that this sentiment will not last long, followed by the second phase.

The second stage: the period of reflection forgetfully enjoy the single life, the man in the relationship of the negative emotions have slowly calmed down, he will begin to objectively reflect on this relationship and the original break-up behaviour. So, like the girls who have now broken free of the emotional vortex, they are now shrouded in the shadow of love loss. The man, who was celebrating his return to singles a few days ago, is now in a completely different state. So at this stage, men’s psychology has begun to change, but the length of this stage will vary from person to person, most men after reflection will soon move on to the next stage, that is, the period of nostalgia.

Stage 3: The nostalgia period to this period, men find a person’s life, as if not as interesting as imagined, they seem to be back to the past single days. So when men release their pressure and really calm down, they will begin to miss the days of two people. When men have a relatively objective understanding of the relationship and the outcome of the break-up, those two people together when little by little will now be swept like a storm, especially those good memories. So this time is the most intense time for men’s compound wishes, they recall the past at the same time on the girl’s current state of life is also full of curiosity, curious to what extent?

First of all, we need to know that once men mention break up, in fact, the idea of breaking up in their hearts has been brewing for a long time. And after the above three stages, a man will be easily attracted to you, because his curiosity has reached its highest point, the desire to compound is the strongest. So, women, please give men time for these three stages of transition after the breakup. We all know that the reason for the break-up is that two people can no longer get along, or one side is really unbearable to the other. To put it another way: the other person is so tired of you that he doesn’t want to have any more contact with you, and even a glance at you makes him very disgusted. So what should you do to reduce your boredom at this time? Of course, it’s to avoid and leave.

When a person has a good feeling and interest in you, he will naturally contact you. If you pester him again and again, if he is extremely disgusted with you, then you can only make a great sacrifice. Disconnecting is about avoiding the front, allowing both sides to have a cushion and a respite, calm each other down and minimize the contradiction.

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