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Female master and female player in the love field. We go straight to the point, these female field players sum up to no more than a few characteristics, you open your mind to compare the women you know there are such characteristics.

1. Good at hiding yourself. She will constantly tempt you to speak out about your feelings, and never come forward to tell you about them, usually because she knows you well and you know nothing about her. She’s just analyzing what she can do out of it and how to do it

2. Extremely good use of snubbing. Once she found out that you were attracted to her, once found that you have a good feeling for her, brother, waiting to be snubbed, this taste is not good, so, next time you will pay more attention to talking to her, a careless, she is not happy, and snubbed you for a while, you put your self-esteem low. You lost yourself for her, buy her East and West and no strings attached.

3. Most female players like to pretend to be pure, she may say, I never go to the bar, even the first kiss has not been such as to remind you of the challenge, she may be full of evil, but the eyes are very simple. Let you have a protective desire, let you want to live with her for a lifetime, let you willing to pay for her unconditionally

4. A lot of false feelings she may smile and hit you, pull your hand, walk to hug you. Let you relax your guard and slowly get into her trap. Where are you?

5.People who are good at playing with other people’s feelings are skilled liars. Even if you witness it with your own eyes, they’ll take a bite out that you’re wrong, or honestly say you’ve done something you know. Most admirable of all, their lying skills are already so deep. When you look at the wide-open and seem to be star-drettered eyes, you’re bound to bow your head and meditation: eh? Is it my misjudgment?

To put all the trouble down to your doubts is their usual skill.

6.She doesn’t care at all that you are close to other friends of the opposite sex

Many times, the more you care, the more you will think about trying, in one test after another, want to determine each other’s love for them. But if a person doesn’t love you, then, no matter how you try, the result is the same. Although the trial here, is a lot of women will do, but, into the feelings of men, is no exception, love deeply, will want to test. Therefore, a lot of times, men test women, generally in front of women, take the initiative to approach other heterosexuals, and the action is a little ambiguous.

Of course, this time, love your woman, she will be very angry, will be jealous, even, she will not be able to help, take the initiative to hold your arm to declare sovereignty, if a woman will do this to you, then, she really loves you, so when you take the initiative to approach other women, she will become so sensitive. However, if a woman, this action against you, completely indifferent, a look of indifference, no performance. Well, a woman like this, she really doesn’t love you at all, so she doesn’t care. And on weekdays, all the love words she says to you are lies she tells you. 

7. Take it for granted to measure your feelings with money

Although men who are willing to pay for women really love women, a relationship can not be measured by money. If a woman, always so, only when you take the initiative to give her gifts, she will take the initiative to chat with you, to please you, then, such a woman, she does not love you at all, love you woman can not do not take the initiative to contact you.

8. You’re all taking the initiative

If in a relationship, all is you in the initiative, and the other side is always a non-relevant look, then, such a woman, really do not love you, ah, the reason will be with you, is to rely on your own love, get your benefits, she and you together, nothing but want to use you. By the time you’ve lost the value you’ve taken advantage of, or if she’s found someone more useful than you, she won’t hesitate to push you aside, not even blink her eyes. Women like this, really do not love you, so, will not care about you at all, when leaving, will not hesitate to turn around. If a man in the feelings, will meet such a woman, then, no matter how deep your love, you must learn to let go, no longer silly pay or you will be hollowed out in the end, hurt, there will be no heartache.

9.Although it is your girlfriend, she is still ambiguous with other men

You know, if a woman really loves you, then, first of all, she will be loyal to you, so after being with you, she will take the initiative to keep a distance from the opposite sex, will not say to wait for you to be angry, to keep a distance from the opposite sex. A woman who loves you, the heart will have you, of course, will also take into account your feelings, only do not love you, just want to play with you women, she will be with you, while and other men ambiguous, will not take into account your feelings.

10. After being with you, there are still a lot of secrets she doesn’t want to tell you.

If a woman, really love you, want to be with you for a lifetime, then she will willingly tell you their own secret, because love you, so also will trust you, think of you as their own people, so, she will unreservedly tell you the secrets related to yourself, rather than to you continue to hide, and sometimes, but also to your dodge, deliberately hide from you. If a woman does this to you, then, obviously, you’re just an outsider in her eyes, so she doesn’t want to tell you.

11. Always take your efforts for granted

In the feelings, anyone’s pay, should not be taken for granted, because love you, so willing to pay for you, no one should be good to you, whether in society or the feelings, are the same, just because love you, so will be willing. So, in the relationship, when a man is willing to pay for you, a woman should learn to be grateful, of course, the most important thing is to respond to a man’s love for you and pay so that men will know that you really love him. And if a woman, she always takes your payment for granted, always relies on you like her, on all kinds of harm to you, then, like this woman, there is no doubt that she really does not love you, just play with your feelings.

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