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The topic is “Never try to test each other, or you won’t know the abyss you’re facing.”

Coincidentally, I saw a movie not long ago called The Dark Side.

The theme of this film is what I said at the beginning.

As a Spanish film, “The Dark Side” combines love and suspense, and in 97 minutes, you can see that when love is challenged by human nature, it breaks down in an instant.

The story is very simple, takes place in a house, three people, one man and second women, triangular relationship.

Here’s a quick explanation

At first, there were only men and women.

The man master is a conductor.


Female- one is shown below.


The man and woman began to live in a very large house, very loving.


One day, however, the woman-one suddenly disappeared strangely.

The painless man bought drunk in the bar and met the woman-second.

They met, the women-second lived in the man’s house, the first days, very comfortable.


They would happily have sex in the bedroom, sleeping for the first time, said the woman-second, I like this mirror.


But soon, the woman-second found out. The bathroom can always hear inexplicable sounds, and bathing is no exception.

At one point, woman-second suspected that it was the ghost of a woman-one.

The truth gradually surfaced.

It turned out that it was the woman-one who was making trouble in this house.

She had no intention of learning the secret of the house through the introduction of her landlord.


The bedroom has a dark door, the end of the dark door is a small black house.

That is, inside can see outside, and outside can not see inside.


the landlord said that during the war, the house was for her old companion.

landlord evil three company.

Why don’t you test him?

You try it.

I’ll leave the secret to you.



The stupid woman-one really tried.

She left a video of the break-up, and then moved into the little black house, wanting to see the man anxious about himself from the little black house.

Who knows fate, she left the key outside.

In other words, she can’t get out.

In other words, she could see the scene outside.

In other words, no one knows she’s in there.

Also try to say, when the female-second and the male owners sleep, the female one in the back to see the whole process.

Let’s look back at the time when they were undressing.

The next second they went to bed.

Woman’s perspective – She’s really heartbroken.


After that, she tried her best to get out of here. 

For example, tapping on a water pipe, trying to cause watermarks in the bathroom toilet, but it doesn’t work.

All this, but by the female-second gradually found.

Through a series of voices, responses confirmed that the female-second learned that the female-one is in the bedroom of the small black room.

But – women-second don’t let woman-one out


At the end of the story, the woman-second found that the woman-one did not move, afraid of her accident, so opened the dark door.

However, the female-second was knocked unconscious by the woman-one, the woman escaped and closed the dark door, the fate of the woman-second can be imagined, from then on was sealed in the dark room.

The woman left a photo of her and the man to say goodbye.

The movie is over.

At first glance, this movie inspires us, well don’t casually try each other, you will likely play themselves to death.

For example, as in the film, the male master did not know the intention of the woman-one, and hard to keep a love also does not make sense, and soon find another new joy.

The female-one verified that – my love, I am not the only one.

The heart machine of the woman-second knows that the woman-one on the inside also regardless.

As a series of accidents, the female second was also interestedly reduced to a victim.

But do you really think that’s the truth, and that an open ending means the end of the movie?


You go to see the full film, from which there are a lot of small details, which can reveal that the man actually knows the female-one in the dark room.

For example, netizens sum up very well:

The male master sat in front of the bed drinking, said to the mirror: good, that is to say to the woman-one to listen;

The woman-second stood in front of the mirror, and the man came over from behind to hug her and take off her underwear. Eyes staring into the mirror, his eyes are not looking at the body of a woman-second;

The man said to the woman: I like living here. Not only because of her beautiful side, but also because of its unknown dark side;

The male owner was called to identify the body (scorched), he did not look at it and said yes, because he knew that his ex-girlfriend did not die;

A woman is not stupid, from the secret room out of the key, put a photo on the mirror, is to tell the man: I came out, if you let her out, admit that you know the secret room thing.

In fact, the darkest part of the whole film is the male master, while a pair of abandoned sad decay side and split legs and continue to have an affair outside, in fact, he only loves himself, with such a cruel way to retaliate against his ex-girlfriend (although she is also self-made).

All three have a dark side to each other, and in this love game, there will always be people with a heart, even a life.

That’s the real theme of the film.

Real-life cases are not uncommon.

And on YouTube, there’s a show dedicated to testing dating, To Catch a Cheater.

This is a wife who often travels on business with beautiful women to test her husband, the result of tears.


In love, there are too many lovers under the guise of verifying true love, happy to test each other’s heart and bottom line, the result is always counter-hope.

Some people will be sad, the other side is such a person.

Some people will cheer, fortunately, I tried, timely withdrawal can stop loss.

There are people angry, crying, but no one wants to believe that the feeling of collapse is caused by their own hands, this kind of lucky test each other will be sincere psychology, like a rose thorn, as long as the opportunity, they will choose to try to tie each other, or in the next relationship, the same happy.

Is the person who brought the hurt really the one we loved so much at the time?

No, it’s not.

It is we who underestimate the diversity of things and always believe that things are simple and flat: I just want to validate them with a simple rule

Whether it’s good or bad.

It’s good to cross this line.

No, it’s not qualified.

At the level of human nature, there have always been a variety of cases to prove how complex it is, there is no absolute right and wrong.

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