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Many women think that men are lower body thinking animals, in fact, otherwise, sex in the eyes of men is not just to vent desire, sex means to men?

1. Sex is the main expression of a man’s feelings, when a man first likes a woman, he must want to have sex with her, if he said he did not want to have sex with her and said he liked her, it must be a lie. In men, sex is a very typical expression of the driving force of love. Men generally like to attract him in sexy women, sex is one of the expressions of men’s feelings, but men’s sex has a broader area of expression and needs, when meeting this need, men can have sex. That’s why many women don’t understand why a man can have sex with a woman who has no feelings. When these expressive needs are met, men can have sex.

2, sex can make him have a sense of conquest of women, meet the possessive desire when he sees women surrender to their own body, men will have a very strong sense of conquest, this feeling is common to men, may come from the male’s original nature, this primitive nature comes from the male’s special body structure, the prominent male genitalia caused by its only conquest of females, possession of females, to complete mating behaviour, to reproduce. 

3, sex can make men have a sense of accomplishment male animals are to occupy more females, to mate with more females, have more offspring proud, this is his original instinct, modern modification is also difficult to suppress the male’s original impulses and primitive feelings. Male animals want to be leaders, men want to be strong, one of their advantages is to have more females, which will make men have a sense of accomplishment.

4. Sex is a reward for men’s work from an animal point of view, sex has always been a reward for the ability of male animals, strong males can always get more female-like so that they give birth to healthier offspring, there will be more of their own descendants, their own family will be strong, can defeat the enemy to survive. Weakness is never rewarded by nature, and certainly not by females. The same is true of men, who work hard to gain higher social status and attract better women. And it is said that the more successful a man is, the more he wants to have more women, even as his main pleasure in life.

5, sex is one of the main ways for men to reduce stress women generally do not understand why men pay so much attention to sex, as if men are very superficial, only pay attention to the surface of things. Because sex gives the impression of sensory stimulation, is an external colour. Because women express their stress through language, they think men can do the same. They will say that you can say the heart of unhappiness or pressure, but this society does not allow men to show weakness, the wronged man will let people see where the pressure of men released? Sex, of course, is more of a stress release for men than it is for expressing feelings. Sex is also a constant tension, and then a complete relaxation, in the process of sex men do not speak, to the end a complete relaxation, just like in life and work to accumulate pressure, and relax in women. Therefore, women should not blame men for always care so much about sex, because sex concentrates on expressing his emotions, concentrating on venting his stress, so men seem to care only about sex.

6. Sex can close the distance between a man and a woman. Men know that women are conservative about sex, so sometimes, when a man wants to have a special relationship with a particular woman (i.e., a friendship in general), sex can also be used as a way to distance him from a woman. When a man thinks that a woman has this special relationship with himself, he thinks it’s my woman or a woman who used to be me, and out of a primitive sense of ownership, he thinks it makes sense to give her special treatment. A man always does things out of reason, he doesn’t usually do things that don’t make sense, and what he does always makes both sides feel reasonable. Sex sometimes means a distance, when a man feels that he has sex with a woman, there is no taboo to speak, can say nothing. Men think you’ve had a bed with me, and that’s who you are, and you can open up more to each other.

Sex is not only a man’s desire but also a complete basis for being a man.

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