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Everyone is separated between the two places, love but can not see each other’s love is even more bitter.

Long off-site hardships, to their own and lovers, live in different places, just know that together is not easy.

Ordinary lovers miss each other, can meet at any time to eat and chat, while distant lovers are always across the phone hugging empty gas, facing the screen alone in tears. So how do off-site lovers usually express their thoughts? Want to see but do not see, for both sides are a kind of torture, compared to ordinary lovers, they learn more in the daily bit by bit.

There are these six expressions of miss between off-site love.

1. Often send a lot of messages to each other

Some people say that off-site love is maintained by mobile phones, “good morning,” “good afternoon,” “good night,” “have you had dinner?” is love life

All, it’s too sad. Miss each other, off-site lovers a lot of times can only message bombing, because the phone may not be able to answer, run to meet and not very realistic, only through the weak airwave between mobile phones to send one monologue after another. Sometimes it may be the little things you experience in your life, see a strange tree, eat a satisfying meal, and want to share it with him or her.

2. Make a long phone call

A lot of off-site lovers take the phone and can’t bear to put it down, meaningless words repeated over and over again, just want to hear more about its

square voice, or look more at each other’s appearance. Psychologists have found that a person is happy if more than 90% of what he says is nonsense. If the nonsense is less than 50%, the sense of happiness is not enough. So what exactly is the happiness we yearn for every day, probably to find someone willing to listen to you talk nonsense. 

3. Send a courier to the other party

In the old days, people expressed their love and miss by sending letters, but now fewer people write letters and more people send couriers. Off-site lovers often pick gifts for their other half online, send them to him or her side, and accompany each other on their behalf. Birthday, off-site lovers miss each other but do not see each other, but also well developed express industry to create a surprise opportunity for everyone, can let off-site lovers in a different way accompany each other.

4. Creating romantic expectations

No matter what, the off-the-ground must meet, each time can start to create the next meeting expectations, as far as possible to be specific, and then look forward to together.

For example: “A month later we meet, go to XX mountain climbing, then take a tent, camp together to see the stars, kiss you under the stars …”

Expected to be divided into short-term goals and long-term goals, two people will always have some common interests. For example, travel together, stay at home to watch horror movies, collect anime hand-made and so on.

These are short-term goals that you can work together to achieve so that you can build more of your links. But avoid empty-mouthed, the deadline has come, did not achieve and complain about each other.

The long-term goal is about the future together when the expectations, wedding pictures, later together with an indoor layout, who practice cleaning, the child’s name and so on.

For example: “After we get married, the family must keep a golden hair dog, go home from work, you lead it, I lead our children, go to the park for a walk, think about it is particularly happy …”

Many times, a miss can push people anxious, we have seen too many tears for love friends. Especially to see other couples around can be happy to meet, the sense of loss in the heart is even greater.

There is really no way, two people have to use the future that they can not see for the time being to comfort each other and themselves, “not to do so in the future.” Two people look forward to the future together.

5. Sense of ceremony

Personally, I think, is not a festival to be, must be gifted in place to be happy. The sense of ceremony is for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries like this let girls have to be concerned, love the feeling of my present, for example, Valentine’s Day bought a game console and roses, sent when the sincere said: Because this is the first holiday together, maybe slowly flat but hope this time can make you happy. Prepare a present for each other for your birthday. Gifts will give each other needs, bless each other’s work, life, adult love to the end or to give each other a sense of pleasure in the needs of the other side, do not be too loud, do not do too much. Boys, like girls, need this feeling of being cared for. You can tell each other what you want in these little rituals. It’s not the amount that matters, it’s the gifts you carefully prepare for what the other person needs or loves. This is really important, some girls or boys think I considerate you I pay silently, and so you find the surprise, and then sweet honey. In fact, couples live for a long time, friction will become more, very few people a day to night to dig your good, not to mention off-site love. Learn to express your love and concern, of course, I’m not talking only with my mouth. For example, you are not feeling well off-the-ground, in fact, it is useless to say to each other. But when you’re done, the answer to “drink plenty of hot water” is that you must feel perfunctory and unhappy. The standard answer is to transfer money to the other person to buy him medicine. Then the video follows up on what you’re doing, confessing to each busy again, after all, we are all working people ah. So do I. In fact, sometimes grievances that come up are emotional for a while. Money actually does not spend much, a cup of milk tea a cup of coffee, that warm feeling is to care for each other.

6. See her/him no matter how far away

Heard a very moving story, boys from a distance to cross the ocean to the girls’ doorstep, pretending to be a large courier, call tell the girl to go out and pick it up and say it’s a Christmas present for her. Many off-site lovers in a round trip after the meeting have saved a thick pile of tickets, air tickets, is a witness of the past time, but also a witness of love, buried in the bottom of my heart do not have to say, both sides have been in the heart.

To sum up, off-site love is really not easy, requires both sides to trust each other, principled, understand communication. And you have to make sure you meet, otherwise, it’s just an electronic pet, not a partner.

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