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If someone asks, how did you get to know each other in the first place? You must say without thinking, online! It’s true that in this society, the communication with people around is less and less, but the communication with people on the Internet is very frequent. At the same time, more and more people come together under the coordination of various websites and tools. Online is full of swindlers? Only loser will degenerate into making friends online? The photos you expose must be unreliable?

No, the truth is not that simple. However, do you know the truth of online dating? Let’s talk about the facts about online dating.

Facts about online dating.

1、 Online daters are not losers

Contrary to the stereotype of online dating, there is little evidence that online dating is the last resort used by unsociable geeks.

The study found that, on the contrary, online daters may be more sociable, have stronger self-esteem, and have lower anxiety when dating. There’s no evidence that the reason people date online is that they don’t have the ability to communicate face to face with people around them. Online dating is just a way to meet new friends!

There are many motivations for people to start dating online. Generally, there will be a trigger event, such as lovelorn. But generally speaking, people’s motivation is more social than personal reasons. People use online dating not because they are shy, but because they have moved to a new city, work too long, or don’t have time to meet new friends.


2、 Isomorphic attraction

Even though there are many different types of online daters, people still want to date similar people.

Fiori and Donat of the MIT Media Lab, who studied data from 65000 online daters, found that people’s choices depend largely on whether their goals are similar to themselves.

In this regard, online dating is no different from offline dating. On average, people always want to find partners similar to themselves. There are really a lot of dating sites for niche groups, such as sports fans, Jews, or people with special physical conditions.

Online dating facts and statistics

No matter how sure the researchers are about online dating, there is no doubt that online dating can sometimes be unsatisfactory or even boring. In 2008, frost and others studied 132 online daters and found that they spent seven times as much time sifting through other people’s homepages and sending e-mails than they did face-to-face dating.

Part of the reason is that online dating encourages people to think in a consumer first way, and users pick and choose relationships carefully: first check someone’s characteristics, weigh them, and then choose potential partners. It’s like checking from a directory; people turn relationships into check boxes.

Of course, compared with the concept of online dating itself, the above is more of a criticism of the existing online dating technology. Frost and others point out that this situation will change as online dating services move towards more experiential ways, such as virtual dating.

 Interesting facts about online dating

There’s no big difference between a relationship that starts in real life and one that starts on the Internet.

Online dating (or at least starting online) is not without meaning, according to the records. Like other feelings, it can be sublimated, over time, more and more profound, and even maintain a lifetime. Yes, the truth about online dating has never sounded so good. A 2012 Research Report from Stanford University found that the stability and quality of relationships developed online are no different from those developed in other places, such as coffee shops and parking lots. 

Your best image

What kind of home page photos work? In 2010, a dating website analyzed 7000 photos in a database and got the following results.

When women’s eyes look at the camera and they look provocative, their response rate is higher. On the contrary, the most unsuccessful picture is one who has a provocative face and turns it to one side. The best image of a man is to turn his face away and not smile. But men should avoid making their faces provocative, otherwise the probability of receiving private messages will be greatly reduced.

In fact, relationships developed online are more likely to have a good outcome.

Infatuated people, do not want to hurt your heart. But there is a scientific basis. According to a survey posted in the library of the American Institute of health, married couples who meet online have a lower divorce rate. According to John , a researcher at the University of Chicago, people who communicate on the Internet are more likely to disclose personal information about their lives than those they meet in real life, and their relationships become more stable.

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