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Are you in love with a man who already has a girlfriend?

Here’s the ultimate guide for women trying to get men out of their girlfriends. It has 18 proven ways to persuade a person to escape his relationship.


So you met and were in love and became the coolest guy ever, but did you find out he had a girlfriend? I understand how it feels. Mr. Perfect doesn’t come every day, does he? Well, do you want to cry or do you want him to stand by your side?

But I also know how hard it is to resist love. Also, this is not what you plan to do. Sometimes love can be so sneaky. In this way, he may not be satisfied with the relationship, so it’s not like you’re going to be the object of a devastating relationship.  

If you’re sure he’s worth it, here are 18 ways to get him out of his girlfriend.

18 ways to get him out of his girlfriend

1.Don’t worry

It’s not about buying property or snacks from a convenience store, it’s about the heart, so you need to be patient. When you’re thinking about ways to get a man to leave his girlfriend, don’t be impulsive, such as going up and telling him how you feel, or even ruining an opportunity before you know him.

2. The appearance looks good

You look good. Actually, it looks great! If you will have a chance to make him fall in love with you, you should at least try to make yourself look more beautiful. Try not to do anything, no one needs to know you’re going to join this guy and make things sexy and subtle.

If you’re adopting a new hairstyle or dress code, make sure it’s a daily habit that you can easily maintain. Once you get into his life, you don’t want to start something you can’t maintain. There is no need to show him what you can’t continue to give him after winning him. 

3. Avoid imitating her style

When it comes to letting a man leave his girlfriend, don’t imitate his girl. The idea was to show him something new, or something that might be missing from his relationship. Just because he dates her doesn’t mean he likes everything about her.

You’ll be surprised that people don’t like small details about their partners, even if they have a serious relationship. You may just be imitating a style he ignores because he loves her. So do your own thing uniquely.

4. Know your enemies

Well, I’m not a malicious “enemy”, but technically, she’s the barrier between you and him. You want to peep into her life, so try to get to know his girlfriend.

It’s about understanding what she’s good at and, of course, her weaknesses, which you can use to become part of his confusion. Knowing what she doesn’t like can also help you avoid them.

5. Start eye contact

It’s time to be bold. I know it can be a little difficult to look him in the eye but hide your feelings. But that’s one way to get his attention. You must be skilled at eye contact.

6. Sometimes ignore him

You don’t want to look desperate when you get his attention. When eye contact is made on some days, he is completely ignored on other days. In this way, he will be more curious about you. Think it’s mysterious, believe me, guys like a little mystery. He’ll be looking forward to your attention when you alternately ignore and make eye contact.

7. Close to his friend

If you’re not a friend and don’t know how to be close to your girlfriend without scaring he, it’s time to be close to his friends. In this way, you will successfully penetrate his space without appearing desperate or making his girlfriend feel uncomfortable. Once you become friends with his friends, you make a good impression, so they will be the ones who deliver good news about you.

8. Be friends with him

Since he has been dating someone else, one of the best cards you have to play is to be his friend. Building a Platonic relationship with him not only allows you to get to know each other, but also gives you a clear entry into his life.

In addition, you’ll get more flirting opportunities. But be careful not to bump into a friend area. Make sure the friendship always comes with subtle “I love you” tips so you can maintain the possibility of building a relationship with this guy.

9. Create a scenario that requires help

Men are born obsessed with showing off and protecting themselves. Treating women as vulnerable and adolescent girls in distress is an intrinsic part of them. Once he feels that he is pouncing on Prince Charming to save you, he will provide more friendly gestures that will bring you closer together.

But don’t overuse it, as he may be used to seeing you as a poor person, such as a puppy in need of care rather than a woman who needs enthusiastic attention.

10. Make him comfortable around you

If you don’t show your true intentions, admire him while he’s around. Remind him of his previous helpful attitude to you and tell him that it’s nice to have someone like him. Besides, whenever he does anything for you, thank him. This is one of the quickest ways to make him comfortable around you.

11. Resist the urge to speak badly of her


If he ever talked to you about his girlfriend, please don’t talk to her. I knew it might make him suspicious of his relationship and the girl, which was tempting. Believe me, that won’t make him like you, especially if they don’t break up.

He may tell her all the nasty things you say. Remember, the strategy for him to leave her is to let him see what he’s missing from being with you.

12. Find common in common

In addition to being friends with him, you may also need to break into his world. He has a girl. Why is he with another girl? It could be football, video games, movies, music, politics and so on. Finding what he likes will make him look forward to a conversation with you.

Like I said, don’t do things you can’t handle; make sure you choose any self-interested market and have no effort to interact with him.

13. Praise

Another way to let a person know that you like him is to praise him. Everyone likes to compliment, so you can tell him things like “beautiful shoes,” “Your shirt looks great,” “What perfume are you wearing?” Very good. ”

14. In-depth dialogue

Conversations about love, life and career often open people’s hearts. Not only will it give you a better understanding of him and his values, but he will also have the opportunity to understand your depth as a person.

Such a conversation will take you into each other’s world. When you tell him about your goals, make sure they echo his life’s ideas. If he’s modest, he can’t tell him he wants to wear a bikini.

15. Avoid being too indispication

Take it away from me And you don’t want to attract him because it’s too indisseic or sexy; it probably won’t end well. Studies have shown that men are visual creatures that can easily be opened up. If you’re too casual, he might think you’re too cheap and a free treasure phone. So stay calm and stay mysterious until you’re sure he really likes you.

16. Touch him

Start gent physical contact and send him a green light signal. When you meet, you can hold him for a few more seconds, in addition to hugging him. You can also easily combine surprise displays in a conversation.

17. Jealous of him

If you succeed in attracting all his attention, it’s time to raise your enthusiasm. Flirt with the people around you. If he likes you too, he might start taking more action because you’ve created a scenario that makes him feel like you might not be able to do it any time soon. If he doesn’t want to lose you to someone else, you’ll notice a big positive change.


18. Don’t let jealousy eat you up

Talk about ways to get him out of his girlfriend. I’ve been there and I can tell you for free that jealousy is almost inevitable. It is a well-known fact that jealousy has the power to consume people and make them miserable, which pushes them away and makes you more poisonous.

So avoid jealousy or jealousy, not only because you want him, but also because of your emotional and mental health.


I hope you enjoy this article. Getting a man to leave his girlfriend can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. Keep in mind that you need to be patient because the goal is to show him what you’re missing in a relationship, so it may take some time.

By the methods listed above, you may be able to get him (if you’re already unhappy with your girlfriend). If you like this article, please leave a comment and share it.

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