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Chasing girls is not as simple as we imagine if it is really as simple as the book said, there will not be so many single people, so the way and skills are essential, want to successfully catch up with like girls, about invite her out is certainly a link that can not be avoided, that chasing girls when to come out is better? What time period is the most suitable for girls? Today I will share with you five great opportunities, want to take off the single, straight man must not miss.

1. when the circle of friends whining is about the best time for girls, guys should learn to observe the girl’s circle of friends, pay attention to every message she sends. Because in this information, there will be a girl’s message, especially she often in the circle of friends complaining that very boring, want to go to play, is the best time to ask her, the guys must grasp this opportunity to meet her this wish, perhaps the next second, she will come out to date you. In fact, chasing girls is the most difficult is to chat, can not chat with girls can not make friends, can not open the feelings of girls.

2. When she’s bored on weekends.  General weekend, most people are rest days, so in the girl’s free time to ask her, the success rate will be much higher, but before dating, you have to understand what the girl likes, hate what, where to go most, and so on, and then according to her preferences, give her a surprise, in such an atmosphere, you can certainly invite success Oh.

3.chat with you flirting in the chat, many guys know that as a boy, should take the initiative to flirt with girls, to close their relationship, but if you chat, meet girls flirt with you, or take the initiative to flirt with you, it shows that her impression of you is not bad, and even very much like to chat with you, as long as you grasp this opportunity, about her out is not a problem.

4. take the initiative to find you to chat when the girl’s initiative, mostly because like, so when the girl likes you, about her will also become very relaxed. So remember, seize every time a girl takes the initiative to find you the moment, this time to ask her, the success rate will certainly double, sometimes you just give her a suggestion, perhaps she immediately came to interest, and then full of expectations with you to go out to play Oh.

5. when the mood is bad, many people will feel that when the girl is in a bad mood to ask her, the failure rate is certainly very high, in fact, nothing absolute. As long as you grasp the method and skill, even if the girl is very unhappy when you invite her, you can still make her out. It’s just that you need to know what makes a girl unhappy, and then ask her out in a comforting way, surprise her, and make her happy. She is faced with a date that allows her to relax and forget her troubles, and the girl will certainly not refuse. Dating a girl you like, as long as you have skills, you are not afraid that she will not promise you.

So want to make an appointment with the girl you like, guys recognize these five best periods of invitation, let her happy to have a sweet date with you.

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