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It’s easy to see if the other person is interested in you. The first time you date a boy, you have to learn to exude charm and make a good impression on him.

How do you know boys are interested in themselves?

You can ask boys directly what they think and observe their attitudes and behaviours through a mutual friend survey. After the first date, there are three main ways to judge whether boys are interested in themselves: First, ask boys directly what they think, more suitable for extrudes, bold girls. The second is through the mutual friend survey to get the answer. This method is more suitable for shy, into-thy-med girls. Third, by observing boys’ attitudes and behaviours towards themselves, this method is also more technical, authentic and accurate.

1, ask the boys directly what they think

This method is more straightforward and simple, so more suitable for extroverted, bold girls. Asking boys directly is the fastest way to prevent boys from hanging themselves ambiguous. Some boys deliberately don’t tell you what he really thinks, because what he wants is for you to be his alternative so that he doesn’t have to worry about not having a girlfriend in the future. 

2, through the mutual friend survey

Like that shy girl, dare not directly ask the boy’s idea of the girl, can ask through a mutual friend. First, it’s not easy to be embarrassed. If you don’t have to ask in front of your face, you won’t be embarrassed to say what you really think. Otherwise, you’ll be embarrassed if you’re rejected. Second, mutual friends are the best choice. Since they are friends, of course, is the best choice to ask such questions, because they will only tell their true thoughts to good friends, it is best not to expose them to get reliable information.

3. Observe boys’ attitudes and behaviour towards themselves

Boys who are generally interested in girls can’t help staring all the time, while some boys may secretly watch. And boys in the face of their own interest in the girls will become gushing, smile forever. You can observe whether boys are enthusiastic or indifferent to themselves. Enthusiasm is generally interested, indifference is not very interested, and then observe the behaviour of boys. Boys who are interested in you will consider your feelings everywhere, do you take care of yourself in advance, do not take care of you are not interested in you, do not want to have too much communication with you.

How do you know that boys are interested in themselves and judge how they behave after dating?

Judge the performance of the play after the date

The attitude gets cold, and then you don’t take the initiative to contact. The chat attitude is perfunctory. First, if we meet again, his attitude suddenly becomes cold, not the same as before. We can observe for a few days. Maybe the other side is wanting to indulge. If the other person does not actively contact you for a long time, you and he chat with him he always ignores, then there may be no chance between you if he has been in contact with you before, but after meeting suddenly do not contact. Also, if he chats with you when you meet is very perfunctory, ignore your words, often go out of your way, often pick up the phone to see, then you two are almost no play.

a. attitude becomes cold

If you two don’t talk to him until after your first meeting, his attitude will be cold, not the same as before. Of course, we must positively look at things. If we have some psychological impact on ourselves, no matter how well the other person does, we will feel that the other person is getting colder and colder. We should look at it positively and compare it carefully with whether it is different from the previous attitude. If it’s really different, there’s basically no chance.

b. after which will not actively contact

If the two of you meet for the first time, he will not contact you, he will always chat with you. If he would have come to you for a chat before, but would not have come to you for a chat after the meeting. So basically it can be said that the boys do not want to continue to develop with you, two people have no possibility of continuing.

c. chat attitude is perfunctory

If you two talk to him the first time you meet, he doesn’t talk, it’s perfunctory. Attitude is not good, take out the mobile phone to see the average number of times a variety, absent-minded. If he doesn’t really want to talk to you, or even end the date early, then you can basically decide you don’t have a chance. Because if the other person is interested in you and wants to continue to develop, it is not possible to often show absent-minded chat. Maybe the other person is expressing his absent-mindedness in this way, just in another way, so that you can clearly know his attitude.

How do you know that boys are interested in themselves and judge how they behave after dating?

The performance of the boys interested in you after the first date

If the boys are interested, next time they will ask the girls out to play, or often chat with the girls, or observe the behaviour of the boys. After the first date, boys’ interest in you mainly has three kinds of performance: First, the next time boys will ask girls to go out to play, directly ask girls where they want to play next time, this is the performance of interest. Second, boys have been dating girls chat, and then after dating has been chatting with girls, because interested, so want to know more. Third, look at how boys behave during and after dating. If the boys are careful and enthusiastic, then the boys are interested in you.

1. Next time the boys will ask the girls out to play

If a boy is interested in a girl, he will ask the girl out again soon after the first date, because it will have more time to get along, he will directly ask the girl where to go next time, rather than the next time he has time to go out together. The first is to ask girls directly where they want to go because girls can not refuse, and then boys can plan the next out of the route, to arrange everything for girls. The second is that boys are not very interested in girls, generally more polite, nor do they want to ask girls to go out to play again.

2, boys always chat with girls

When a boy shows interest in a girl, he wants to talk to that girl all the time, because if he wants to show himself well, he can make a good impression on you, he will chat happily with you, he is willing to keep up with the rhythm of your conversation. He’ll listen carefully to what you’re saying and answer some more acceptable questions. If the boy doesn’t talk very much, but speaking well at the dinner table means that the boy is really interested in you. After the date, if he is interested in you, he will always chat with you on his cell phone, follow your circle of friends, and care about your recent life. Instead, boys are not interested in you.

3, look at the behaviour of boys

Boys are interested in a girl, you can see it from the eyes. It’s like there’s light in my eyes. A boy’s face is always happy. Chatting with you is like meeting a confidant. They’ll laugh at you and then they’ll be a little shy about you. If they happen to have some physical contact, the boy’s face will turn red quickly, and then they will look a little nervous. At the table, you will take the initiative to move your favourite dishes in front of you, take the initiative to help you pour drinks, silently pay attention to the behaviour of girls. Because you have to take care of the girls, after the date you will take the initiative to send them home, and then wait for the girls to get home safely, they will feel at ease to go home alone.

How do you know that boys are interested in themselves and judge how they behave after dating?

After the first date, the boy said he would make another appointment next time

Boys say the next date means they’re not interested in you, or interested in you, or keep in touch. After the first date, boys say there are three main meanings to not being interested in girls. A second date is often a subtext that adults reject, so it can mean not being interested in girls. Second, the meaning of interest in girls, some boys do not think so much, as long as the girls have a good feeling, these boys will say again about once. The third is that boys now have a good impression of girls, but there is no bad place to make dating less enjoyable. I hope to keep in touch in the future.

1. Boys are not interested in girls

In the adult world, many things don’t need to be said directly. After the first date, the girl said it would be nice to see her again. But boutique finds no specific conditions for the world to meet again next time. That commitment speaks for itself. In the adult world, the next date is the next time you don’t meet, that is, boys are not interested in girls, which is an indirect refusal. This is the subtext of boys and girls.

2. Boys are interested in girls

In the adult world, there is also a group of simple “teenagers”, they are shy, can not express their true inner thoughts, so to tell the public the next date, is normal for them, that is, the next time the two sides have time to continue dating together, so for such a boy, the next date is only literal, just the invitation of the man to the woman. Because after the first date has a good feeling for girls, so I hope to communicate with girls more. If I wanted to know more about girls, I’d say next date. Otherwise, such boys would not say such things.

3. Boys want to keep in touch with girls

Sometimes the first date has some surprises. For example, one of the two parties is late for a date because of something, resulting in late appointments, or sudden rain and plummeting temperatures caused by the weather to make the appointment less beautiful, or when eating, restaurant meals have problems and so on. These accidents can make dating not good, but boys still have a good feeling for girls. So boys will want to find a girl’s next date to compensate for the first date of all kinds of unpleasant. At this time boys take the initiative to ask girls, so boys are likely to like this girl.


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