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How long does an online chat fit to meet? How long can you usually meet in online love? When online love chat to a certain stage will naturally ask to meet, about when to meet, has been the problem of online love men and women. Let’s take you to see the possibilities of meeting at different time stages!

online dating when to meet.

Meet 1 day after online love

Time is too short, this is pure nonsense, about the concept of love at first sight, the past article also defined from a physiological point of view, no matter how intelligent this person, emotional intelligence is how high, flash love is not suitable for the network, those impulse pain will soon be cashed in, even if the starting point is for a one-night relationship. Love must happen on the basis of love at first sight, those through time friendship change love mode and marriage love change family theory is equally ridiculous ignorance, love is love, from the beginning to death is love, very simple. Love is the renewal of love at first sight, love at first sight after the test of time, the network there is a great deal of illusory, only one day sharp eyes are also unable to penetrate a person.

Meet 3 days after online love

Now human emotions are launched by rocket, meet is a beast, from the psychoanalystive state is more indicative of the previous degree of empty loneliness desire. Three days, time is just good, when the eyes of both sides bright, fierce love through the network line recitation, three days, forget the night and day, love mode stereotypes, fire heating moderate. Three days, from the emotional and rational, have been understood almost, three days later if a person has not yet appeared at the airport, then sleep to forget everything.

Meet 7 days after online love

For the gentle personality of people, this period should also be the limit, the spring flowers bloom, how to say also to the stage of fragrance. Know online day, ground year, the living environment of both sides will be different, change will be different. Emotions can not stay, from the first three days to the present seven days, meet to meet, if not meet, you can agree on a time. 

Meet in January after an online love affair

Seven days later there is language charm of people, only through the network this expression, words will be exhausted, the lack of language will certainly affect the emotional play, if the two sides really do not have the conditions to meet then cool, do not speak, say more, but forever stone sinking sea.

Meet more than half a year after online love

Don’t you think it’s a myth to grow old on the Internet? In love, plain is death, more and more acquaintance, more and more cordial, but also more and more do not put on the heart, people are new and tired of old animals, those online love after no real contact was “wasted” feelings really sad and regret. Some people will retort, ‘I have network friends have been seven or eight years’, then I can only say that you are really more idle than the clouds of waste of life.

Problems easy to encounter when meeting online lovers:

1.your appearance gap is too big

Your appearance at first left a woman with the illusion that you have not rationalized to the present, the woman sees your image is not the same as she imagined, so seconds kill, you also. Most women look at their faces on their first date. According to evolutionary psychology, women’s long-term relationships value survival value, while short-term relationships value reproduction value. If you don’t look well, be sure to get a preventive shot in advance and tell her not to waste time interacting until you’re killed in seconds. Another, women actually value temperament, if the shape is not strong, but temperament must pass.

2.smooth progress

Many people chat on the network to a very happy stage, but met almost all the seconds killed, why, because, many men think that the emotional has been upgraded to the stage of about bubble, so meet and hug relatives. In fact, the woman’s psychology accepted you, but the body is not very familiar with, the body needs to slowly improve, from small touch to improve. This gives women a process of adaptation. Otherwise a woman’s body is unacceptable, and she doesn’t feel it for you.

3.too formal and honest, resulting in inconsistencies

Many people chat on the Internet, funny and humorous. But after meeting but (brain short circuit blank), dare not talk to girls, formal. All of a sudden there was insistency. You and the network are decidedly different two people, so that women feel very uncomfortable, so your relationship, and did not wake up from the network to reality. So the woman just eats with you and it’s over.

I heard that the result of online love is mostly dead, the probability of success is very small.

How many endings does “online love” usually have?


I. Feel awfully disappointed when seeing net pal

Feel awfully disappointed when seeing net pal is probably the most common in the “dead” method of online love, this “dead” method is often described by netizens as creepy.

Feel awfully disappointed when seeing net pal is probably the most common in the “dead” method of online love

Although the “dead” method of this kind of online love is more common, but this kind of online love netizens are generally holding the attitude of playing, so the physical and mental harm to both sides is not very deep.

Second, the telephone died

Relatively speaking, telephone death seems to be mentioned very little, and in the result of online love “death”, telephone death accounted for a large proportion.

The so-called telephone death is that netizens have not met or met often by telephone contact rather than other ways such as getting along or continuing network communication caused by the death of online love.

The main reason is that too much telephone communication makes communication on the network is no longer natural or feel no words to speak.

Analysis of its root cause, probably because the network is already needed and some people who do not know each other can not say something in their friends, but now the phone also connected, but also understand some of their own situation and friends around no different.

Third, get along and die

Network love to a certain extent is bound to meet, the first impression is appropriate after the two people will face the problem of getting along, and after a period of time will feel that “meet is better than miss”, how he / she has so many shortcomings, how he / she on the Internet is not such as such contradictions and pain will come out, so there is the so-called get along with death.

Don’t think that two people are particularly suitable, in fact, the network beautify the results of a person, so that netizens in the fog to see flowers. Conclusion: I think a week or so to meet is the most appropriate, be sure to meet in advance before and netizens have made a video call. Avoid both parties because their looks do not meet their own standards, for the success of the relationship to increase the odds.

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