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Every man wants to marry a good wife, but not everyone can marry a good wife. If you have married such a wife, please be sure to cherish, if you and such a person in love, to marry this person home.

1.Understanding men in life. When a woman understands men, not because men do not give gifts to themselves to break up with men, nor because men work badly to feel that men do not pursue progress, these women know how cruel reality is, know how to use the reality of the eyes to ask others, naturally also know how to use the reality of the eyes to understand others. So, if you meet a woman who understands you very well, this time men must cherish it. 

2. Have your own ideas when men encounter difficulties in their careers or conflicts in their families. Wives who have their own ideas never give men any more trouble, but learn to solve some problems for men. Sometimes people think that if a woman can do nothing, then she can show off in front of a woman. In fact, married you will find that sometimes your woman will do nothing, men will be women even tired. Today’s men in love always want to find a girl they can care for, but soon found that such a girl together is really boring. Therefore, people still have to consider the real problem, find a wife who has their own ideas is right.

3.Dododon’t put money first

If a woman is not money is first, she must be a good wife. In this materialistic world, many people have covered love with a layer of dust, and feel that material is the most important, love is not so important. Therefore, many women in the choice of love or money will always choose money. If you meet a woman who chooses love or money, you must cherish it. Some men think that women are not money is first, they can never buy things for women. No, money is first doesn’t mean that women are stupid. When you break a simple girl’s heart, this person will leave you.

4. Honor the old man.

Such a woman is very rare if she honours the old man. Many people in marriage, always thinking not to live with each other’s parents, many women in marriage always want to live separately from their parents. But imagine, if they and their parents live apart after the parents are older, then the parents will be no one to take care of, so, filial respect for the parents of the woman, absolutely can not live separately from each other’s parents, naturally will also take care of each other’s parents. If you meet a very filial woman, then be glad at this time. Because there are really not many women like this in today’s society, men must catch them.

5. Treat feelings exclusively.

It is also very important for a woman to treat feelings single-to-one, and some people treat feelings, not at all single-to-one, which is very fatal. Sometimes, if you marry a less dedicated wife after you two get married, you will find that there will be many problems in life, your wife can betray your marriage at any time. Keep a lifetime, sometimes really can’t stand tossing, if you want to live a lifetime, or find a solid life with your wife. So if a man meets a woman, treat feelings very single-to-one, it is not that this woman is not liked by others, but this woman ah, heart to love you. Only when women are focused will men find a sense of belonging in this marriage, and the family will get better and better.

6. A wife who has a career and a family is good. When two people enter into a marriage, they must focus part of their energy on their families. In today’s increasingly independent women, many times, women have their own jobs and careers, this time if women are willing to share the family things, then such a woman is the most worthy of men to appreciate and cherish. Of course, to meet such a woman, must also be the greatest luck of men.

7. The husband and wife are the closest people, and the wife’s words have a great influence on the husband. If a wife is more of an inspiration to her husband, then such a state will give the husband confidence in his career and life, make the family harmonious and warm, if the wife’s words are more satirical and hit, does not become very embarrassing, a good wife will not do so.

8. Can cook, grasp a man’s stomach to better grasp a man’s heart

If a man comes back from work every day to eat a table made by his beloved wife, no need for more luxury, more luxury, will make a man’s heart belong. Therefore, cooking is also one of the criteria for a good wife.

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