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Relationships can be very complex, and when they end, they become more chaotic. Maybe you and your ex have broken up, but you are thinking about rekindling the relationship, or you want to know if the other person is willing to get back together. By assessing the other person’s words and deeds and talking to your ex, you can determine whether they still care about you or even want to get back together with you. So how to tell if your ex is over you or if your ex still has feelings for you?


Pay attention to friendly and consistent communication. After the breakup, friendly communication means that your relationship is still positive. It means that they may still be able to light the flames of love for you and want to continue to participate in your life. Some signs that they may be interested in you are:

Say “hello” and “Hi” often, even if you’ve met them once. These little greetings may mean that they still want to chat with you, but they are too nervous to be sure whether to take further measures.

Often contact by phone or SMS.

Like your regular social media reviews.

Send you pictures of themselves happy, attractive, or doing something you like.



Pay attention to inconsistent or offensive communication. Instead of positive communication, be aware of those who follow, manipulate, or intimidate your predecessor. If your ex refuses to accept “no,” then their feelings are not love, but obsession and control. Be careful and stay away from your ex who doesn’t respect your personal space.

In addition, if your ex contacts you only once every few months, or only after they’ve finished a relationship, they’re probably not really concerned about you, they’re just looking for attention.


Pay attention to body language. The ex who wants to get back together often tries to get close to you when they see you. They may hug you, kiss you on the cheek, or show other physical caresses to show their concern. If they are still emotional about the breakup, they may bow their heads, avoid eye contact, or even cry.

Their feelings may be expressed in their actions. They may laugh loud, often, or their voices may be higher. These signs, sometimes referred to as Micro expression, indicate that they may still have feelings that they can’t control now or are trying to suppress.


Think about gifts that people have given you. Your ex may continue to do friendly things for you, such as giving you birthday gifts, Christmas cards, or giving you presents on special occasions. It shows that they still appreciate you and want you to be happy. For some people, gifts are a way to express love and affection. Your ex may be trying to express his feelings for you.



Focus on their social media. If they post status about moving on, it may mean they are trying to forget you or are persuading themselves to do so. If they post something more direct, like “missing my ex,” it might mean they really miss you! Maybe they want you to read that article so you can understand how they really feel.

See if they’ve deleted all of your photos. Getting rid of shared memories is often a major sign that they really want to move on.


Ask your mutual friends. Although you shouldn’t put your friends in the middle, feel free to ask them about your ex, especially if you haven’t heard from him. They may tell you if your ex still cares about you. But if your friends don’t want to share, don’t force them.

These methods can help you determine whether your ex is no longer feeling the way you lost your ex and how you can retrieve it. I also hope that every lover can get married.

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