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Why does a boyfriend like to be in love with someone else online, does the boyfriend lose interest himself? I don’t think it’s meaningful to be with me, I don’t think this relationship must go on. I think this should be a lot of lovers in love will encounter problems. So If he likes me why is he still online dating?Let’s take a look at why.

For this problem, perhaps the boyfriend felt that there is no love for the freshness. Or boyfriends feel bored, or boyfriends feel lonely, or boyfriends feel lonely, so they choose online love. Without the freshness of falling in love, this is a common thing. Because two people communicate a lot, inevitably will feel boring. Boyfriends feel lonely, either physically or psychologically. Boyfriends feel lonely, maybe because of the small circle of life, not a lot of friends will feel lonely. Boyfriends get bored, maybe they spend too much time together and don’t communicate much.


1. Lost freshness

Two people fall in love, from the original acquaintance, acquaintance, love to later have nothing to say. After all, it’s boring to do anything for a long time. Without the initial freshness. Both people have a very good understanding of each other, slowly to each other’s communication will become less concerned will also become less, so the attendant is a lack of freshness. Without freshness, there will be a lack of desire to understand each other, so feelings will slowly fade, the freshness will also weaken, so choose online love to know new people and things.

2. He’s bored

Two people lose the desire to understand each other when they lack communication. Then two people together will have nothing to do, will inevitably feel bored. Boring is sure to find something interesting to do, so he will definitely choose online love. Online love can re-know a person, from he name, friends, life circles these, which certainly not much fun. So he would choose to go online to ease this boring life.

3. Feel lonely

There are a lot of things between male and female friends can do, can do after they will certainly feel lonely, so that boyfriends will certainly have some rejection and bored with themselves, so choose online love to know more fresh faces, to enrich their lonely hearts. This loneliness not only refers to the loneliness of the body but also psychological loneliness. Such as girlfriend’s thinking, three views and so on. If he feels a big difference from himself, then he will certainly find a girlfriend who matches his three views, thinking, and the pattern is about the same.

4. Feel lonely

Before looking for a girlfriend, I thought life was dull and I needed to find a girlfriend to enrich my life. After finding a girlfriend, I feel like I’ve been with my girlfriend for a long time and I feel boring and lonely. All in all, what you can’t get is always in turmoil. When you have something you’ve worked so hard to get, you feel that’s the way it is. That’s why we’re going to continue to set the next goal and work hard for the next goal. Then go, online love, a new girlfriend, will let their bland life suddenly have colour.

5. Pursue excitement and freshness

It’s men’s nature, they’re like kids, they like fresh and gorgeous things, they like to pursue and they’re constantly looking for excitement and passion. The survey found that most couples are most satisfied with the period of a sweet new marriage, as the continuation of life together, which makes them gradually lose their freshness. It’s even more boring if the wife has a baby, the wife focuses all her energy on taking care of the child, and his heart, like a child’s love of new toys, is human nature when given the chance.


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