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1. She’ll ask someone about you

If she really loves you, she will be curious about you and want to know something about you. She would ask her friends what they thought of you, what kind of person you were, and she would ask your friends about a special relationship with someone. If she’s interested in you, it’s an important sign that she’s in love with you.

2. Default to your physical contact

Your physical contact with her is acceptable, but you pull her hand and she doesn’t push it away. When you follow

She didn’t walk away when she was very close. Or maybe sometimes she’ll be standing very close to you. A lot of times she’s happy that you’re close to her. This is definitely a hot signal that she likes you!

3.Always consistent with you

She doesn’t stop nodding when you speak; she repeats what you say; she stands by you during the debate; she repeats the words you use. All of this is a consistent signal. If she’s always consistent with you, it means that she’s pursuing your approval and approval.

4.Do not refuse your offer

That doesn’t mean she’ll always say “yes” no matter what you ask, and saying “no” or “no” last is not a sign that she doesn’t want to shut you out. Let’s say you want to ask her out. She may not always make appointments, but she always tries to make another appointment so that you can go out together. This means that she doesn’t want to lose the opportunity to spend time with you, and she doesn’t want her to look like someone with no other social activities.

5.You have a special nickname

You have a unique nickname of a non-ordinary friend nature, such as “pig”, “dear”, “sweetheart” “BABY” etc., but this article cannot be used as constable alone. But it is also enough to see that girls have special feelings for you.

6. See if she will show nervousness or anger because of the delay in your response

If a girl’s heart likes a person, they are very much looking forward to that person to be able to respond to their own, at the same time, she actually likes you like her also does not have enough confidence, so she will always pay attention to their own words and deeds, afraid of being ugly in front of you.

When you don’t reply to her, she waits anxiously, and when you don’t capture some of the signals she gives, he’ll be angry at your slow performance.

So when you catch these signals, it means that this girl is looking forward to you.

7. Willing to share the things in life with you

The girl who talks to you every day about where to play tomorrow doesn’t necessarily like you, it’s probably because she likes plays and compares her relationship with you. And the girl who can share happiness and sorrow with you must have you in her heart. Because we only show vulnerability in front of the people we care about, and happiness is more likely to be shared with those we like.

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