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Have you been secretly in love with someone for a long time? They don’t always notice you, are you tired of it? You can use a little bit of luck, a little more effort to attract their attention and make them like you. Read the article below to find out what to do.

1. Learn to praise The best way to make the other person feel good about themselves is to praise others. In fact, we all know in life, want to let who has a good feeling for you to praise who. In people’s hearts, he wants his actions to be recognized and praised. This is a need for self-affirmation. Therefore, in the face of praise, their hearts must be very happy. A person who is praised will have increased self-confidence, higher moods, more positive actions, and will feel more positive about you. But in fact, in our current life, it has become more and more difficult to hear others to our sincere praise, but more is the judgment and dissatisfaction. So when our sense of self-affirmation is not satisfied, we take more care of those who have a good feeling for ourselves. And in relationships, if the opposite sex praises us, we are likely to feel good about him and close the distance between us. If you are praised by the opposite sex many times, this affectiveness is reinforced and may turn into a relationship. So you can in the usual chat, appropriately add some appreciation, recognition of the words of the time, do not boast too flamboyant, bring some specific events, in due course to say. Wow, you’re so good that you can xxx, I don’t think a lot of people do. “So researched, you seem to be an expert.” “That’s what you’re most likely to do with my friends!” Teach me that “especially in areas where he is more interested or good at it, it is easier to stimulate his affected with you.”

2. Be a good friend. People are willing to date their best friends. You have to get along very well with others! Let them know you can be their best friend. Support them when they have problems and help them be the best they can be by encouraging them.

3. Spend time together. If you’ve never been together, you can’t get their attention and let them know you. Go out and play, whether it’s with everyone or alone (it’s better to have a group of people together at the beginning) so they know how much fun it is to be around you. You can go to the movies, play games, or go to a local concert.

4. Get to know them. Talk to them and get to know the real them. If they think you don’t know them, or don’t like them because of themselves, they won’t really be attracted to you. Say something important, like the life they want, or what they think of a particular event. It’s a great way to get to know others (and it makes more sense than knowing the colours they like).

5. Let them know you. You want to know what’s going on with them, and you need to let them know about you as well. Keep yourself open, don’t always be mysterious. You want to be complete and real in their eyes, don’t you?

6. Find common where you need to be. Find commonality between you. These are the things you can share. This allows you to connect at a deeper level and build lasting feelings. Start with movies and music, then develop into hobbies and things like that.

7. Share their passion. Even if you don’t like what’s most important to them, try to understand what’s in it and what it means. People who know your secret love feel the most important things, and even learn to enjoy them together, because it’s an important part of developing a relationship.

8. Show that you are single. Don’t let the person you’re secretly in love with think you like someone else. Make sure he knows you’re single and you’re looking for someone to date. Don’t flirt too much with other people, and don’t spend a lot of time with other people of the opposite sex.

9. Flirt with them. Flirt with them and show that you are interested in them. They may not invite you out or be interested in you because they don’t know you like them, so start giving them some hints. But don’t flirt too early. If you want to ensure success, you need to build basic friendships first.

10. Touch. Of course, don’t think about it. Touching your shoulders or arms (even your hands or faces) gently can show them your interest in them and even really make them feel spark! These are very intimate, affectionate postures, and they are not easy to understand wrong. Be casual in the conversation, but don’t mess around. You need an excuse, or you’ll look deliberate.

11. When the other party is lost, give understanding, companionship, care, affirmation. Psychologist’s theory of self-esteem. People are more likely to fall in love with others when their self-evaluation is lower. Because when we suffer from low self-esteem, our self-esteem is evaluated lower. At this time, if a person appears in his life, encourage him. Give him certainty.

12.12. Learn to dress up. Is appearance important? Of course. Both men and women like to get along with the beautiful opposite sex. Man is a visual animal. He is more likely to feel good about a beautiful person. He’ll think it’s a good representation. So be sure to pack yourself up and learn to dress up. Even ordinary looks can be made great through the dress and decoration of the day after the day, and become pleasing.

13. Tell them you like them. If they don’t understand your implications, you may need to admit bluntly that you like them. It’s pretty scary, I know. I sympathize with you. But you can do it! Be bold and brave! Be proactive and you may like yourself better.

14. Ask them to go out. If they respond that they like you too, or if you want to skip the next step and go straight to this step, you need to ask them out directly. It’s usually up to the boys to do it. But there’s nothing wrong with girls doing it! Find some time to spend alone and ask them out if they get the chance.

Don’t be afraid to be rejected. If they don’t feel that way about you, they’re not the right people for you! You’ll find the right person for you. It’s only a matter of time.


But if a man doesn’t like you (if that’s obvious), don’t force him. You’ll feel desperate or even upset, but that’s not the way to attract him.

Don’t impress him by making up stories. If you finally start dating, he may find that you lied, which is also very bad.

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