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Many married men will encounter such a situation, before clearing to your very warm wife suddenly one day do not want you to touch her, generally encounter this situation when men generally the first suspect that the wife does not love you, in fact, the wife does not let you touch may not just because do not love you so simple Oh! So what’s the reason why doesn’t your wife want you to touch her?

First, the reason why your wife won’t let you touch her

1. Your wife’s feelings for you are getting cold

A woman no longer loves her husband, which must be the result of contradictions accumulating to a certain extent. Common factors include husband and wife quarrels, husband and wife cold war, and even domestic violence, which can seriously hurt the relationship between husband and wife. To know that sex life is largely based on feelings, harmonious sex life must require the harmony of the couple’s feelings.

2. The wife may have cheated

This situation is also very common, of course, you can not directly determine that the wife cheated, need to combine your current emotional status quo, you have long doubted your feelings? Have there been any quarrels before? Wait, and then judge further based on your wife’s abnormal performance, such as whether your wife is starting to complain about you often? Do you often compare yourself to other men? If all of the above is met,

I suggest that you should pay attention to, even if you find that your wife cheated, but also advise you not to do impulsive regret.

3. The wife may have gynecological diseases

Men can not ignore their wives in this regard, gynaecological diseases now account for a very large proportion of all women, according to the survey of 70% of married women suffering from different degrees of gynecological diseases, and gynecological diseases seriously affect women’s libido, men should know some female knowledge, to help their wives find problems.

4. The wife may suffer from sexual coldness.

Sexual atrocity is a high-risk condition in women, mainly due to several reasons: First, gynecological diseases caused by sexual atrocity, second, the body hormone reduction caused by sexual atrocity, third, age caused by sexual atrocity, fourth, psychological reasons and so on. So the husband to timely find his wife this abnormal performance, and his wife more communication, to help treat the cold illness.

So the husband should discover the wife in time this abnormal behaviour, communicate more with the wife, help cure sex cold disease.

2. What problems occur in marriage affect the feelings of husband and wife?

1. One-night love

One-night love is a kind of psychological disease, which is more common in modern society. Whether men or women, one-night love to some extent get a sense of freshness and excitement, but also a betrayal of the other side. If it’s just a one-night love affair motivated by sexual desire, try to forgive the other person, and of course, do as you see it.

2. Mistress

The issue of mistresses is very sensitive to the family, in the traditional concept of marriage and family, mistresses mean negative effects. Mistresses are like the body against the virus, the virus’s long-term existence, to improve their own resistance, to eliminate the breeding ground of the virus. The best way to resist, the first is to rely on their own self-control, the second is to rely on the feelings and trust of both sides.

3. Physiological distress

Physiological distress includes problems such as miscarriage, sexual infertility, infertility, and inclusion and understanding are the biggest help, regardless of which party has the problem. Don’t rush to prove that you don’t care, it makes the other person more uncomfortable. Active and patient cooperation and waiting, will always be solved.

Third, the wife’s performance of disappointment to you

1. Like to complain, complain that you don’t love her enough

Love complaining is a common disease of every woman because a woman is an emotional animal. But did the man ever think that her side has relatives have honey, but finally choose to complain about you, and you complain, this is why? Because she trusts you and treats you as the most reliable person.

2. Often anxiously angry and unreasonable.

A lot of times, girls make unreasonable noise just to get attention, get more love and care. Women often get angry because men’s attitudes are not good enough, or because men’s execution is too poor. Some women even make unreasonable noises, waiting for men to compromise with her and voluntarily admit their mistakes.

3. It always tests you when you’re cold and hot

The girl’s mind is delicate, and when she is a little dissatisfied with her lover, she may not speak out for the time being. But accumulated to a certain extent, one day suddenly appeared a fuse, all her dissatisfaction will break out, feelings can not go back. She’s hot and cold with you, often waiting, waiting for you to coax her.

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